Is the Cost to Ship a Car to China from the US Worth It?

As one of the largest automotive markets in the world, China is familiar with the importation and exportation of vehicles. However, it is always wise to have your own vehicle shipped over from the U.S. if you are moving to China or going there for an extended length of time.

Trying to buy a new automobile in a foreign country will bring about more obstacles than it’s worth.

Although import duties are always high when you ship a vehicle overseas, they are cost effective. Hiring a professional overseas transport company to ship your car to China is the easiest, quickest and best way to have a vehicle imported. They have the proper haulers and equipment to secure the vehicle during its travels. They also have trained employees with years of experience behind them. A professional shipping company will even be knowledgeable of the auto import policy for China, making it possible for them to guide you through the process. Overall, they make the entire experience smoother.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The final cost of shipping a car to China is dependent on many factors. The type of car, its purpose, and the distance of travel will affect the final cost of the transport. The transport company you go through will also play a part of the cost. You should always gather several free quotes before settling with a transporter. Make sure that the quotes come from reputable shipping companies with foreign auto import experience.

Another part of the cost will include the duties charged for the vehicle’s importation into China. This is also reliant on several factors, but can be anywhere from 0-200% of the value of the car. Obviously, this means that the age and condition of the automobile will affect the duty rate as well. Having a personal automobile in China is a luxury, so don’t be alarmed at the taxes that must be paid. Find out what the auto import policy for China entails a few months before the transport is to take place. Ask about the duties associated so that you can prepare accordingly.

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