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Babijn, a small settlement on Aruba Island, is located 93m above sea level at longitude 69.98° west and latitude 12.53° north. It has a population of approximately 40,627 inhabitants. A part of Netherlands Kingdom, Aruba is a picturesque destination with tropical and serene environment.

If you intend importing your vehicle to Babijn, it is best to have thorough knowledge of associated rules and regulations to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Additionally, you can always work with our company, A1 Auto Transport service as we have over 20 years in the auto shipping industry, helping transport vehicles all over the world. We’ll help you get through the complex custom clearances apart from completing the documentation and getting the requisite permits.

This way, you can be assured of safe delivery. One rule of international shipping is that you should not pack personal belongings within the car. Those who want to undertake this, however, need to exercise extreme caution. All your items will go through thorough scrutiny of the customs department at Aruba port. So, any mismatches will only lead to delay in delivery process. The worst that can happen is seizing by customs and levied penalties. However as we are aware of the specific requirements, we will walk you through the complete process.

Associated tariff duties

Although the average duty is 12% in case, you want to import a luxury vehicle, then tariffs may increase. Now, in certain situations, complete exemption from such payments is possible. This happens when you are permanently relocating here. In such cases, you will need to produce your residency proof along with census registration in Aruba. Document requirements include submitting:

  • Vehicle receipt and title as ownership proof
  • Record of auto insurance showing individual use
  • Minimum six months automobile ownership

Getting exemption from duty

You can fill out a form issued by the customs department in this island country and qualify for tax exemption. You could submit importation form declaration too. Ideally, you can take help from customs brokers for best results. Documents required in such situations include identification card copy, 3 copies of lading bill from overseas shipment, and 3 copies of registration proof from Aruba census office. There are certain additional document requirements as well at this stage. Those are stated below:

  • Registration certificate of foreign vehicle
  • Inspection certificate
  • Vehicle title, invoice/sales bill
  • Information regarding insurance policy

You will need to submit these documents along with an import declaration and request form at Aruba customs technical department. In case of exemption request denial, you can appeal within one month of initial rejection.

Shipping methods

We offer container shipping and Roll-on/Roll-Off shipping method and though both have their own advantages, you can choose as per your budget. RORO shipping is cost effective while you can ship your household goods when you choose container shipping.

Driving in Babijn

Roads in Aruba have international signs, so it will not be easy for you to follow these. International permits and driving licenses issued by Geneva Convention member country are valid here. You do not require IDP for driver’s license in English language from these countries. You need to know that when traveling in Aruba, you have to follow European approach when it comes to intersection signage.

For better clarity and information on specification about importing vehicles in Aruba, know more about it at Embassy of Aruba.

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