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Located in the west-central part of Serbia, the city of Cacak is located on the banks of the Zapadna Morava River. This river is the second largest river in Serbia, Danube is the first. Cacak is the administrative center of the Moravica District of Serbia and is the main economic district as well. It is also well known for its’ rich culture and is a hub of commerce and trade in the country.

If you want to import your vehicle to Serbia from the United States, you will need to follow some important rules and regulations. These rules and regulations may sound strict but they are not that bad. When you transport your own vehicle, you have the freedom to travel anywhere you want to across Europe. You won’t need to depend on public transportation.

Before you begin the process of importing your vehicle to Serbia, you will need to contact a shipping company like A1 Auto Transport Service. When you use a shipping company, your vehicle will most likely make it to the designation on time and without complications, because we will handle the entire process and your vehicle will be delivered to a port.

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Shipping Methods to Serbia.

You will have three different shipping methods to choose from when preparing your vehicle for delivery. Your choices are air, Roll On/ Roll Off, and container shipping.

Roll On/ Roll Off is the most commonly chosen method of shipping due to the cost. You can transport your vehicle by the Roll On/ Roll Off method only if your vehicle is completely cleaned out and ready. Your vehicle will be driven or rolled onto the deck of the ship and then rolled off once it reaches the port.

Container shipping is a great option to choose if you are transporting your personal items as well as your vehicle to Serbia. You will have the option of two different container sizes that you can place your car in and then fill it the rest of the way up with personal items.

Air shipping is another option for those who want to get their vehicle to Serbia fast. This method of shipping is very expensive so unless you have urgency, you may want to choose one of the other two options.

Requirements for Importing Vehicles.

When shipping your vehicle to Cacak, you will need to have the following documents ready and available for verification throughout the process:

  • Car title.
  • Bill of Lading.
  • Authorization for export if you have a lien against your vehicle.
  • Driver’s License.
  • Proof of Insurance.
  • Vehicle registration.
  • Passport.

When shipping your vehicle to Serbia, there are certain actions that you must take in order to prepare your vehicle. This includes keeping an extra set of keys left in the glove box, leaving 1/4 tank of gas and winterize your vehicle if you are shipping during the cold season.

Regulations for Motor Vehicles.

You will need to have a vehicle pass Euro 3 Standards in order to gain access to your vehicle. If your vehicle was manufactured in the United States, it will most likely not pass this inspection however you can still import your vehicle to Serbia but you will need to modify it first. You will also need the following documentation:

  • Proof of ownership – issued by customs clearance.
  • Vehicle title.
  • Vehicle Certification at least thirty days before your vehicle reaches customs.
  • Serbian Visa with proof of residence.
  • Work permit for Serbia.
  • Documentation of all inspections of your Vehicle.

These documents will need to be handed over to the Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia. If you are not able to have proper documentation, your vehicle will not be allowed to be imported to Cacak. You can contact the Embassy of Serbia in order to learn more about shipping.

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