Ship Car To Bosnia

Shipping A Car To Bosnia.

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • Car shipping rates from the United States to Bosnia start around $1,500 for most vehicles and go up to $4,500 or more for larger vehicles.
  • As with other countries on the Balkan peninsula, it’s more cost-effective to ship from the East Coast of the U.S.

Before shipping/exporting a vehicle to Bosnia, you will need to prepare your vehicle so you can ship a clean empty vehicle from one port to another. A vehicle inspection is performed before loading and before you are allowed to claim it again across the seas. Have all antennas removed or retracted. IF you have any CD, cassette decks, electronic devices that are not mounted or installed into the car, you will need to remove them for the trip. No gate or garage door openers allowed or no toll passes are to be left on the mirror or windshield. The only items allowed in your vehicle include vehicle items, a car tire jack, and a spare tire. Remove all luggage, bike, or ski racks that are not permanent. No car, tire, or grill covers allowed during transport. You can find out more about shipping your vehicles to ensure that it reaches the new destination in Bosnia safely.

Popular Shipping Destinations.


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Other Types Of Vehicles We Transport To Bosnia And Herzegovina.

Shipping your Car Overseas From The United States.

When moving your vehicle internationally, a ship is probably the easiest and most convenient way, however, it can be very expensive and must be complete with paperwork before it will be allowed to leave port. Even one incomplete paper could mean that you don’t leave on time. There are customs regulations as well as duty rates when you ship a car to Bosnia.

Ports in Bosnia.

There are a few choices to make in ports to Bosnia. Main ports in Bosnia include Banja Luka, Tuzla, Mostar, and Zenica.

Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Bosnia.

In order to ship your car to Bosnia, you will need the following documents:

  1. Title.
  2. Certificate of Registration.
  3. License of ownership.
  4. 21% daily rate due when paperwork is verified.

While shipping your vehicle, you need to have the required documents for Bosnia, you will need to be present during the customs clearance inspection. All used vehicle owners are exempt from duty import if you have owned and driven your vehicle for a minimum of six months.

Shipping Options.

You will have two shipping options when it comes to shipping/exporting a vehicle to Bosnia including Roll on/ Roll off and container shipping. Once your vehicle has passed inspection before boarding, you will be able to choose which shipping method you prepare.

#1- Roll on/ Roll off – It is accomplished by rolling or driving the vehicle onto the ship where it will be fastened down to the deck during transport. This method is the most cost-effective. However, it leaves your vehicle exposed to any weather condition which may or may not be of importance.

#2-Container shipping– It is more expensive but may be more cost effective if you have an antique or exotic car that cannot be exposed to weather conditions. Containers are available to store your car in while traveling internationally. Once your vehicle passes inspection, it will be your responsibility to hire someone to hoist your car up to the container assigned and then secure the vehicle inside the container so it won’t roll around or come out of the container.

Car arrival in Bosnia.

When the car arrives in Bosnia, there are various procedures to complete and taxes to be paid to ensure safe entry into the new country. You will be required to:

  • Pay appropriate import taxes and duties
  • Put in the application for identification plate registration from the Bosnian government
  • Try to get all the important information about Bosnia’s driving rules and instruction

You can contact the related US embassy in Bosnia to get assistance on importing your vehicle.

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