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Shipping a car to Hong Kong from the United States.

In this increasingly interconnected world, a number of fantastic opportunities attract expats to Hong Kong. Many elect to bring their vehicles along with them, a process which requires the navigation of numerous customs hurdles. Fortunately, expert vehicle shippers A-1 Auto Transport are here to assist. Trust in A-1’s decades of experience shipping from the US to Hong Kong and beyond.

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Surrounded by the South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading centers for international finance and features an elaborate network of sea-based trade routes. Its deep natural harbor has, on occasion, been named the world’s busiest shipping port of the year – most recently for a 6-year streak ending in 2004.

Different Methods of Shipping.

Take a look at your options, and decide which is best for your needs:

  • Container shipping – Vehicles may be loaded into either 20- or 40-foot shipping containers, which are then placed aboard the carrier. Though container usage comes with a surcharge, this is a great way to protect highly valuable vehicles from the elements and from any risk of collision.
  • Ro/Ro shipping – In Roll-on/Roll-off shipping, the cars are driven aboard the ship or another carrier, and off again at the destination. This option is cheaper than container shipping and is a safe and excellent choice for most vehicles.

You can select between the following two delivery methods as well:

  • Door-to-door – The shipper will come right to your doorstep to collect your vehicle, and you’ll be able to have it delivered to a location of your choice in Hong Kong.
  • Terminal-to-terminal – You’ll be responsible for dropping your car off at a nearby terminal of departure. Once it reaches Hong Kong, you must collect it directly from the arrival terminal.
Customs at Hong Kong.

The Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong is responsible for the import of goods into the country. Some vehicles are prohibited entry, if they do not meet standards for emissions or other criteria – so take a moment to investigate whether yours is acceptable. It is recommended that you obtain specific approval from the Environmental Protection Department before shipping your car.

  • For entry of the car into Hong Kong, you must have a document that proves that your vehicle meets emission standards. This document can come either direct from the auto manufacturer, or from a third-party inspection service.
  • There is no customs duty on cars imported into Hong Kong; however, you must submit a cargo declaration within 14 days of its entry. You must also submit an import return form within 30 days.
  • Before you are allowed to drive the car in the city, it needs to pass inspection. You must carry the original copy of the Certificate of Exemption to the examination center.
  • Typically, only right hand drive vehicles can be imported into Hong Kong. If you want to import a left-hand drive vehicle, you will need a special license.
  • You will need to register your car at the Department of Transport. Here you must pay a first registration tax, a registration fee as well as the license fee.
List of Documents Needed.

Hong Kong law requires a number of documents of you, in order to clear customs upon arrival. Be prepared – arrive with the following items in hand:

  • Original Title.
  • Invoice of Purchase Value.
  • Valid Insurance Certificate.
  • Bill of Lading.
Preparation for Shipping.

There are a number of easy preparatory steps that the car should undergo before it’s shipped:

  • Ensure that the car brakes are functioning properly.
  • The alarm system must be deactivated to avoid draining the battery.
  • The fuel tank should be left roughly 1/4 full. This helps the shippers to load and unload cars.
  • The car’s interior and exterior must be washed thoroughly, so that it can pass inspection.
  • The car must be emptied of all personal belongings before shipping.
  • Removable accessories must be taken down, and fixed antennae lowered.

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