Ship Car To Arendal

Ship Your Car To Or From Arendal, Norway

A municipality and township in Norway, Arendal is administrative center of the Aust-Agder County within the Sørlandet region. The scenic city in Norway is at the helm of commercial enterprises and that is why it attracts expatriates from all over the world.

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Thus, when you are moving to Arendal, it is best to move your car with you as you’d love the independence of moving within and around the city. However, when you export a vehicle to Arendal, you need to know that there are requirements and specifications which need to be accounted for, so that there are no delays in vehicle delivery. There is a lot of paperwork to be filled in and documents to be sent as well as fees to be taken care of. It’s important to take into account the weather conditions to minimize any delay.

Ship Your Car To Or From Arendal, Norway

In any case, it would be best if you had knowledge in regard with the weather patterns of the country in order to fully understand why delays can take place. The coastal regions have mild climate with mild winters and cooler summer months. Inland, the winters are quite cold and the summers are rather warm. It’s feasible to travel and to import goods throughout the year as the coast line has mild climate.

Auto Import Laws

Norway is a well-developed country and one of the most beautiful throughout the entire world. It benefits from a steady increase in tourism and the custom laws regarding shipping are efficiently implemented and stringent. This is why they are not difficult to comply with. When you import a vehicle for personal use, it is important that all relevant documents are presented to the U.S Customs on exit and sent in advance to the Norwegian Customs. These validate and verify the import as legitimate requirements. The required documents

  • Purchase invoice
  • Registration form
  • Passport
  • Title and Registration
  • Ownership proof
  • Residence permit
  • Lading bill
  • Certificate of compliance
  • ID Number in Norway

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The majority of vehicles from the US can be shipped for $2,000 to $4,600. Prices are lowest for the cars which are shipped in a container from the East Coast. The costs escalate as the size of the vehicle increases.

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Make sure to reference it upon moving there or if you transport any kind of goods. All external parts of your car which aren’t permanent need to be removed in advance as this can cause issues throughout the long commute. You should also ensure that your car is perfectly cleaned inside and out to ensure no quarantine time at the port in Norway.  Remove all of the air conditioning gases, personal possessions if you plan to ship by RORO as well.

Shipping Methods

Depending upon your budget and requirements, there are two methods of shipping to Norway. These are:

  • Container shipping: This is a very popular shipping method choice which is available to those who want a private container for their vehicle. It’s a bit more expensive but it delivers tremendous protection and you can bring other belongings in the same container.
  • Roll On/Roll Off (Ro-Ro) shipping: This is by far the most common transportation method as it is also the safest one. It will leave your vehicle out in the open exposed to the elements but it’s quick and affordable.

After your car arrives in Norway, you will need to ensure that all required duties and taxes are cleared. You will need to get your vehicle registered at the local authority and apply for new identification plates and license.

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