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Shipping A Car To Burundi.

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • It’s not cheap to ship a vehicle to Burundi, not just because of the distance, but also because the country itself is not easily accessible.
  • Car transport rates to the area start at $3,500 and go as high as $7,500, depending on the specifics of the shipment.

When you move to Burundi and need to have your own personal car with you, you will need to contact a shipping agent to transport it for you. In Burundi, less than 10% of the roads are paved, so having a 4-Wheel Drive vehicle is suggested for personal travel throughout the country.

Once you decide to ship your car, you’ll need to collect all of the necessary documents and fill out all of the required paperwork (see below) that Customs will require for shipping internationally. The shipping company will be able to let you know where the exit port nearest your location is and they will work with you to pick up and deliver the car if you aren’t able to transport it to the port yourself.

The shipper will also assist you with delivery once it reaches the entry port in Burundi. For importing personal cars, you can locate the paperwork to fill out for Customs by speaking to your shipping agent or by contacting the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency.

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Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Burundi.

In order to bring your car to Burundi when you relocate to the country, there are several forms that will need to be presented to Customs to do so. Here are the required documents that you must have with you prior to shipping:

  1. Original Bill of Sale
  2. Original Vehicle Registration
  3. Original Title that shows the engine number, chassis number, cubic capacity, make, model and year manufactured
  4. Copy of Passport
  5. Bill of lading (and/or other transport documentation)

You will also need to pay a handling fee of 4% of the cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) fees as well as 17% transactional tax based on the total cost of the CIF. Prior to shipping, you will be required to provide the following information to the shipping agent:

  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Original Vehicle Title
  • Passport
  • Signed affidavit of Power of Attorney if you will not be present at the exit port in the United States or at the entry port in Burundi

For more information on paperwork or documents that you may need, you can contact the Burundi Embassy in Washington, DC and they can direct you to customs regulations and paperwork that will be needed to bring your personal items or car into the country.

Prior to Shipping .

Prior to shipping/exporting your car to Burundi you will need to speak to a shipping agent and confirm with them the way you want your car to be transported and if you will need any personal items shipped with the car. You will also be able to schedule pick-up and delivery if it is needed in the United States or in Burundi when the car arrives at the port.

Depending on the type of transport you choose for shipping, you may be asked to steam clean your car and clean out all personal items from inside the car, including the trunk. You may also have to remove exterior accessories that could potentially fall off or be damaged during the overseas journey.

The shipping agent will go over all of the pricing and will give you a complete quote. They will also explain how the type of shipping you choose is performed and the typical time frame that you can expect your car to be delivered in Burundi.

How to ship a car to Burundi .

There are two main ways to ship a car to Burundi from the United States. These are Roll-On Roll-Off Shipping (Ro-Ro) and Container Shipping.

Ro-Ro Shipping – Ro-Ro Shipping is the least expensive and most preferred way to ship cars overseas. Ro-Ro is perfect for cars, trucks, SUV’s, buses and most forms of vehicle transportation. Your car will be driven up a ramp onto the ship and secured with braces or brackets and a wooden footing device to secure the car in place for the overseas trip.

Once your car reaches the port in Burundi, it can be driven right off the ship. With Ro-Ro Shipping you will need to remove all personal items from the car and have it cleaned prior to shipping/exporting.

Container Shipping – Container shipping is one of the oldest forms of shipping large freight overseas. While shipping in containers will cost more than Ro-Ro Shipping, it is beneficial to those who need to ship more than just their car. If you have personal items you can have them placed inside the container as well as inside of the car during transport.

You may want to note that Container Shipping can be slower than Ro-Ro Shipping due to it taking more time for customs to inspect and clear the freight. When using a container you will have peace of mind in knowing that your car and other personal belongings are secured inside of a locked container while being transported overseas.

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