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The largest province and capital of West Flanders in Belgium, Burges is a beautiful city oftentimes referred as the Venice of the North. It is an important economic and commercial center as it is a port city. Though local transportation is convenient, yet if you are there on a long-term basis, you would want your personal vehicle to commuting within the city and all over Belgium.

Being a part of the EU, the rules for internal trade preside on the common trade agreements and within EU imports are less regulated and affordable than those with non-EU countries. There are some specific considerations that need to be considered when you are importing from US or a country outside the EU. To start with, the process of shipping a car from US, takes longer which is one of the reasons that people avoid it. However, if you are with contemplating to import your vehicle to Burges, you will need to work with an experienced international shipping service, like A1 Auto Transport Company. Not only do we have over 20 years of experience but have shipping agents in Belgium to help clear customs and complete the formalities so that delivery of the vehicle isn’t delayed.

Declared car as household item/personal use

As part of the household goods, your car will not be taxed VAT and few of the other custom levies. However, there are certain conditions that need to be met for the exemption. This includes: 

  • You need to have been staying away from EU for at least 1 year without a break
  • The car must be purchased and drive for six months outside of EU before it is imported to Burges
  • Before it enters Belgium border, the VAT or related taxes must be cleared
  • You cannot sell it for 1 year after importing it to Burges.

In addition to meeting all of these conditions complete documentation is important as Belgian Customs Department has stringent rules for tax exemption. If the documentation is incomplete or you do not meet the set criterion, you will need to pay the standard duty on importing cars. However, the important documents include:

  • Bill of sale
  • Letter for exemption from duties
  • Clear title deed
  • Proof of Vat or related tax payments
  • Insurance certificate
  • Proof that you stayed outside EU for 1 year before import
  • Shipping document for household goods 

After the vehicle has been cleared by customs, you will need to get it registered with the Belgian Transport authority or the Vehicle Registration Service (DIV). It needs to be done within the first six months after you have imported the vehicle.

Methods of shipping to Burges

Although air shipping is the fastest, it is expensive and unless you have a high end expensive car, this isn’t advised.  RORO or Roll-on/Roll-Off is the preferred method and your car is driven onboard and driven off at Burges port. However, if you have household goods to transport to Burges, it is best to hire a 20 feet or 40 feet container and pack your car along with other personal items.

Driving in Burges, Belgium

The driving rules differ from USA and you might need to look up the details before you drive. Though the road networks are well-lighted the rural roads need better infrastructure and lighting. The right of way differs considerably and as a new driver you need to know the rules before being on the road.

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