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Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • Standard vehicles can be shipped to Algeria somewhat affordably, relative to other nearby countries.
  • The cost generally falls between $1,200 and $3,500 based on the vehicles type and exact pick up and delivery locations. 
  • Taxes and tariff, however, are each levied at around 15% of the value, which adds to the total cost.

Ship car to Algeria

Recently, Algeria made a push to try to keep investment and capital within the borders of the country. That being said, new regulations have been put into place that makes it more expensive to import/export cars into Algeria from foreign countries. Under the new regulations, locally produced cars are eligible for tax breaks; whereas foreign cars are not. However, the foreign car companies can still make money in Algeria and are eligible for the same tax breaks if they manufacture the vehicles in the country.

In any case, if you do still want to import your car into Algeria, there are some regulations and guidelines you will need to follow in order to ensure safe and lucrative importation.

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In Algeria, the duties for automobiles are extremely high. There is a 15% tariff on all motor vehicles and a 17% VAT for all vehicles. The government brought the duties and tariffs down to more acceptable levels set by the World Trade Organization. Before, tariffs reached upwards of 110% on luxury items.

Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Algeria.

If you’re going to import/export your vehicle, you will need to collect and present the following documents at the time of arrival in Algeria:

  1. Original title and registration of the vehicle.
  2. Original purchase invoice.
  3. Import license (only for non-Algerian citizens)
  4. Non-sale certificate (must be in French, must have three copies)

In order to ensure road safety in Algeria, imported cars must be in line with quality, safety, and emissions regulations in place. In addition, manufacturers must also provide after-sale services and an availability of car parts in-country. They must guarantee that the part can be received in no more than thirty days from the date of the request.

Other Rules.

In addition to the regulations above, there are some other more specific rules that are unique to Algeria. For instance, the acceptance of hard currency for automobiles is no longer allowed. The Algerian government stopped this back in 1990, but it is still in effect today. Additionally, only war veterans and returning migrant workers are allowed to import cars as private citizens into Algeria.

Foreign companies and non-citizens can import vehicles as well, but they are subject to higher tariffs and duties than citizens of Algeria. All cars must be less than three years old at the time of import, and all imported cars are subject to strict inspection standards.

For more information on the laws and regulations regarding importing goods into Algeria, please visit the official Algerian website.

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