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The largest city as well as capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, as we know it, came into being in year 1628. An English settlement, it was originally under authority of James Town and Sir W. Courten. Besides being one of the largest tourist hubs of West Indies, it acts as crucial informatics, financial, and convention center. The location of Barbados is in Caribbean Islands, somewhere above the continent of South America.

Additionally, Bridgetown is the port for call associated with different cruise ships. Those who are planning to import their vehicles in Bridgetown, Barbados, should know from the first that this is easy to import vehicles but an expensive proposition. That is one of the reasons that you need to hire the services of expert international shipping companies like A1 Auto Transport Service. We have over 20 years of experience helping owners hip their personal vehicles all over the world. It is our endeavor to make it a seamless transportation and we will be there to help you clear the customs and other official formalities.

Associated duty charges and taxes will depend upon cost and age of your vehicle. For diplomats, the process is free, without any restrictions. The same is the case with returning citizens. You will need to get the approval from Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, before the vehicle can be shipped.

You need to provide ownership proof of three years apart from showing proof of residence in Barbados of over three years. One of the positive points of shipping vehicles to Bridgetown is, being a major port, your car will arrive right here and you must be there to take delivery.

Restrictions and delivery specifications

Though we will help you navigate the customs at US port and at Bridgetown it is important to understand the specific restrictions over importing vehicles to Barbados. These are:

  • Your car has to be less than 4 years old
  • Mileage showing on the odometer needs to be below 50,000 km
  • Carry the vehicle ownership documents
  • Insurance on the car
  • Bill of Lading
  • Import permit
  • Vehicle purchase invoice/receipt

There are other custom duties and taxations that are applicable before you are given the delivery of the vehicle. Usually the duty on cars is 45% of the value of the car. Additionally, you are obligated to deposit $4000 as ecological tax.  If the car is new and less used, the VAT is about 17.5% and the tax is lowered to three hundred dollars. Apart from this, there are FAS port charges while the excise tax will depend upon engine capacity. While the cars with 1800-cc engine are considered under the luxury category and for those vehicles the excise tax can range from 60% to 120%, depending upon the weight of the vehicle. Our experienced transporters will ensure that all aspects are met and will ensure you are delivered the vehicle in Bridgetown.

Easy shipment options

With different methods of shipping available, you can either ship your car through RORO method or in an enclosed 20 ft. or 40 ft. container. In the container shipping method, even though it is more expensive than RORO, you are sure of transporting your car securely along with the rest of the goods within a sealed container. However, in the ROT method, the car is driven up a ramp and harnessed t limit movement during transit. At the port of destination, it is driven off the ship with equal ease. However, you cannot put anything in it except the floor mats and spare tire.

In case you are interested in knowing more about the latest regulations on importing personal cars into Bridgetown, check out Embassy of Barbados.

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