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Documents Needed To Transport A Car Across State Lines

Documents Needed To Transport A Car Across State Lines People transport cars across stateliness for different reasons. Some are transporting for the purposes of sale and repair while most people seek car shipping services to relocate to a new state. When preparing to ship a car, finding a good auto transport company is a huge concern. However, do not forget that there are documents needed to transport a car across state lines. Read on to find out the documents you need.     Documents needed by the shipping company Shipping companies require the following documents before shipping your vehicle out […]

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Car Pick-Up And Delivery Service

Car Pick-Up And Delivery Service Research shows that Americans are quite busy; leaving them with limited time to attend to personal issues. At such times, getting help to handle some tasks provides great relief. Car pick-up and delivery service offer such relief to car owners that need to transport their vehicles within the US or abroad. The service ensures that vehicles are picked up and delivered to a terminal or at a customer’s doorstep. As the popularity of the service continues to grow, here is a list of benefits it offers car owners.     It Is Affordable Making the […]

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State To State Moving Service With Car Transport

State To State Moving Service With Car Transport You have just landed your dream job or promotion that requires you to relocate to an out of state city. Or you have just been admitted to an out of state college. Whichever the case for moving, you need to find a company that provides a moving service. But, it becomes tricky when you have a car. Driving long distance is not always a good option. Therefore, you need to find a company that provides state to state moving service with car transport.     Consider selling the car Long distance car […]

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Can You Ship A Car To Europe?

Can You Ship A Car To Europe? The European automotive industry is one of the largest in the world. It employs millions of people and brings in lots of revenue from exports. The United States is the largest importer of vehicles from Europe with only a few units being exported. Even so, shipping cars to Europe is possible whether for personal or commercial use. The shipment process can be overwhelming but with proper guidance you will succeed. Below are some steps to help you understand the process better.     Have proper documentation “Can you ship a car to Europe?” […]

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Nationwide Motorcycle Shipping

Nationwide Motorcycle Shipping Annual sales of motorcycles in the US have reached the half a million mark. The bikes are bought by the young and old for transport and as a status symbol. Harley-Davidson is the leading manufacturer of motorbikes with many enthusiasts owning the bike brand. Other brand names that are also gaining popularity are Yamaha and Honda. When moving to another state, motorcycles can either be ridden or transported by shipping companies. Nationwide motorcycle shipping is the best option when moving because of its numerous benefits. If unsure about this kind of shipping, here is information to help […]

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How To Finance A Car Shipment

How To Finance A Car Shipment Car sales in the United States are on the rise with numbers reaching their peak in December 2016. The rise is attributed to the confidence Americans have in their economy and government. As the sales rise, so do auto loans taken out by residents to finance purchase and shipment of vehicles. The amount of debt being racked up by vehicle owners can be frightening when planning to import a car. However, having the right knowledge on how to finance a car shipment can help you avoid unnecessary debt. Here are some ways to fund […]

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Shipping Cars From The West Coast To East Coast

Shipping Cars From The West Coast To East Coast Shipping car from west to east coast and vice versa takes up a large percentage of the 70% cargo tonnage moved across the US. These auto transport companies make the challenging job of moving cars across the country much easier. You no longer have to deal with tasks related to shipping but wait for pick and delivery to final destination. Even so, getting the right shipping company for the job can be a hassle at times. The best way to go about it is by knowing what is expected of you […]

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Does eBay Ship Cars?

Does eBay Ship Cars? Businesses and trading processes have gone online on a major scale in the 21st century. Customers can now purchase literally anything through online shopping sites like Amazon and eBay. These online shopping sites provide products like household items, clothing, electronics, hardware tools, office appliances and even cars, motorcycles, and yachts. With the vast options of goods available, you can’t help but wonder, are there any delivery services that come with the purchase of considerably large products? For example, does eBay ship cars?     Read on to find out. What exactly is eBay? It would be […]

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Different Ways To Transport A Car From State To State

Different Ways To Transport A Car From State To State Transporting vehicles from one place is a complicated and delicate process. It requires adequate planning and investment. This is especially true for long transport journeys like coast to coast transportation and state to state transportation. You need a car transport company that has the capacity to oversee a successful shipping process, from start to end. The car shipping company should provide different ways to transport a car from state to state that are insured and well within their comfort zone. Vehicles are sensitive machines that need to be handled with […]

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HD Motorcycle Shipping International

HD Motorcycle Shipping International Nothing spells “American” like HOGS. Yes, Harley Davidson motorcycles – the alpha in the kingdom of motorcycles. So popular are these bikes, that the international market imports them in great numbers. A-1 Auto Transport Inc. prides itself in offering HD motorcycle shipping international services to private clients, collectors, auto-shows, organizers, and rental businesses.     Why A-1 Auto Transport Inc.? We have been in business for the past two decades. We know the ins and outs of the industry, having provided car auto shipping services for cars, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, boats, and, even yachts. Our portfolio […]

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Motorcycle Crate Shipping

Motorcycle Crate Shipping When it comes to getting your motorcycle shipped from one location to another, it is paramount that you go for an auto transport company that offers options Tough as they may look, motorcycles are delicate machines. They are even more sensitive when shipping one to a client, transporting it to a collector’s warehouse or to a motor show. The motorcycle needs to arrive to the destination in perfect condition.  There are various options for shipping motorcycles, which include open air transport, enclosed transport, door to door transport, and terminal to terminal. You can read more about what […]

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Port To Port Overseas Motorcycle Shipping

Port To Port Overseas Motorcycle Shipping Thinking of shipping your motorcycle from one place to another? Possibly importing one from an overseas country or shipping bikes to overseas countries from the United States? Well, don’t sweat. A-1 Auto Transport Inc. deals with shipping of all automobiles, including standard vehicles, RVs, SUVs, ATVs, and even motorcycles! We have been in the industry for the last two decades. We know what it takes to offer port to port overseas motorcycle shipping. For 20 years, we have transported all types of motorcycles on an international level for private clients, auto shows, travelers, expatriates, […]

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Ship Motorcycle From US To Australia

Ship Motorcycle From US To Australia In 2015, the number of Australians owning motorcycles surpassed the number of vehicle owners in the country.  This number has continued to grow over the years with residents investing in both on-road and off-road motorbikes. Imports of American motorbike brands are quite common with many Australians choosing to buy directly from sellers in the US. One of the popular motorcycle brands among the young and older population is the Harley Davidson. If you are planning to ship motorcycle from US to Australia, the information below will make the process easier. Buy from reputable motorcycle […]

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Transporting A Mobility Vehicle

Transporting A Mobility Vehicle Mobility vehicles are specially built to accommodate drivers that use wheelchairs. The vehicles can be used by the disabled regardless of their handicap. It does not matter whether your disability is mild or severe you can get one for yourself. Fortunately, there are many to choose from giving you a chance to choose the best. After making the decision to buy a mobility vehicle, the next step is to plan for its shipping. To get the best services when transporting a mobility vehicle, you need to consider the factors below.     Hire specialist shipping company […]

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How Are Vehicles Shipped Overseas

How Are Vehicles Shipped Overseas Shipping vehicles overseas is a common activity in different countries around the world. Many countries have also increased their revenue by manufacturing cars and shipping them to nations in which the vehicles are in demand. The reason for moving cars ranges from personal to commercial, with the main aim being delivery of the vehicle to its intended destination. Fortunately, there are a number of transport options available for vehicle owners that want to move cars abroad. Here are some available transport options to look up if you’re wondering how are vehicles shipped overseas.     […]

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Cost Of Shipping Vehicles From The US

Cost Of Shipping Vehicles From The US Shipping vehicles within the US is cheaper when compared to moving them from abroad. The costs are usually higher because of the various procedures involved in overseas shipping. This is one reason why vehicle owners use shipping companies to handle the process on their behalf. Often, the cost of shipping vehicles from the US cannot be accurately determined beforehand because they are determined by a number of dynamics. Some of the factors that help in establishing the actual cost of shipping a car from the US are listed below.     Actual car […]

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Typical Long Distance Car Transport Costs

Typical Long Distance Car Transport Costs When moving, most people drive to their new location without the need for auto transport services. However, if you need to move your vehicle over long distances, e.g. interstate or from outside the USA, then the need for car transport cannot be ignored. Home and business owners often consider different transport options when making a decision on the best way to move their vehicles. One of the factors that may influence their decision is usually cost, which they always prefer to be low. Even so, having a better understanding of the typical long distance […]

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Motorcycle Shipping Rates

Motorcycle Shipping Rates If you are planning to ship a motorcycle locally, nationally, or internationally, the first thing you do is request quotes from different shipping companies. But do you know how these companies arrive at these rates? Are you wondering why some quotes are so high while others are so low? Well, in this article we try to explain the different factors and services that are used to determine motor cycle shipping rates. Distance Distance is by far the main factor that affects the shipping rates. In fact, it is the first thing the shipper is interested in. Needless […]

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Import Vehicle Into USA From Finland

Importing Vehicles Into USA From Finland When thinking about importing vehicles from Finland or any other country, people prioritize the customs fees and regulations involved. However, the most crucial part of the import vehicle into USA from Finland process is transport. Have you thought about your transport options? Have you found an auto transport company? Do you even know where to find auto transporters who ship from Finland to the US? Read on to find out more on how to transport vehicles from Finland to the USA.     Where to find auto shipping companies Before beginning the import vehicle […]

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Import Vehicle Into USA From Norway

Importing Vehicles Into USA From Norway Norway is a Scandinavian country with close relationships with the US. Among the services residents from both countries seek is car importation. To undertake the process successfully, you have to understand the export requirements, vehicle import regulations, and duties to be paid. Also, you need to find a reliable car shipping company to transport your car across the waters or via air. So, if you are planning to import vehicle into USA from Norway, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out more.     Temporary vehicle importation The first […]

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Import Vehicle Into USA From Denmark

Importing Vehicles Into USA From Denmark International car shipping between America and European countries is common. Americans often have to go to the European nation of Denmark for work and business purposes. Similarly, people in this Nordic European nation relocate temporarily or permanently to the US. As a result, these travelers at some point import vehicles into the USA from Denmark. Unfortunately, seas separate Europe and America. So, to import vehicle into USA from Denmark, you need air or water transport. An International car carrier can help with the transport. Read on to find out what the importation process involves. […]

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Import Vehicle Into USA From Ireland

Importing Vehicles Into USA From Ireland Ireland is largely an export economy that sells various products to different countries around the world. So far, USA has been one of its top export destinations resulting in strong trade ties between the two countries. When it comes to vehicles, many are shipped to neighboring EU states. Those that bring in cars do so for reasons work-related or personal. Even so, importing cars to the US from Ireland is possible if you have the right information. Some of the steps that have to be fulfilled to import vehicle into USA from Ireland are […]

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Import Vehicle Into USA From Iceland

Importing Vehicles Into USA From Iceland Are you planning to import vehicle into USA from Iceland? One of the international car shipping services we offer is shipping from Iceland to the USA. The process involves preparing the proper paperwork and dealing with customs regulations in both countries. We are an experienced international shipper because we know how to deal with the legal and logistical challenges involved in the process.     Common reasons to import a vehicle into the USA You could import a vehicle into USA from Iceland for different reasons: You live there and bought a nice car […]

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Import Vehicle Into USA From The UK

Importing Vehicles Into USA From The UK In 2016, the United States overtook China as the largest importer of vehicles from the UK. The country has seen a record high in exports which is attributed to the international appeal of car brands manufactured in Britain. Some of the popular car brands exported into the US includes Range Rover, Jaguar, and Land Rover. Even so, getting a car imported into the US involves a unique process that needs to be well understood if it is to be successful. If you are to have a car shipped from the UK into USA, […]

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Import Vehicle Into USA From The Netherlands

Importing Vehicles Into USA From The Netherlands Vehicle exports took up 4.3% of the total global shipments from The Netherlands in 2016. The country, which exports a number of goods, has seen a rise in sales within the automotive industry as compared to previous years. The main reason for increase in vehicle exports is due to the elimination of tax obligations of goods bought from the country. Some of the well-known car brands in the country are Volvo and Mitsubishi which are quite affordable driving up the demand to import vehicle into USA from the Netherlands. To get your car […]

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