Which of These James Bond Vehicles Is Your Favorite?

Like a Vesper Martini or a Walther PPK—Aston Martin and James Bond go hand-in-hand. Casual James Bond fans might be surprised to learn that the MI6 agent has driven 16 vehicles that aren’t Aston Martins throughout the series. Sometimes your Aston Mar...

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Top Ten Summer Convertibles Under $10k

Whether you’re completing routine errands, commuting, or going for a casual drive—convertibles have the ability to add a brand-new layer of excitement to your summer drives.  Drivers often think of high expenses when the idea of owning a convertible...

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Ten Cars That Will Make You Look Rich for Less Than a New Honda Accord

Are you looking for a head-turning vehicle that doesn’t cost high five or low six figures? You have numerous options at your disposal. We’re here to assist you in narrowing the search for a spotlight-stealing vehicle that costs less than $35 thousand...

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The Electric Car Revolution

You are beginning to see more electric cars on the road and more recharging stations, too. Thanks to the manufacturer’s investments, technologically advanced batteries that are less expensive and last longer, and less impact on the planet, these vehi...

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Our List Of The 8 Most Iconic Cars of All Time

Throughout history, cars have been used as iconic symbols, showing status, being used in songs, and prominent in various movies. But, from the first set of wheels to the newest 2022 models, there is something that appeals to everyone. Some car owners...

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Finding The Best Cars For Teen Drivers

You blink, and your baby is now a teenager. You have gone from imaginary tea parties and video games to learning how to drive on the open road. There is nothing more terrifying (except maybe dating) for the parents of teenagers. As a parent, you do w...

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What to Expect When You Drive a Convertible

There is an appeal to driving a convertible – the wind in your hair, the sun beating down on you. Unfortunately, all anyone talks about is the fun of driving a convertible. They tend to conveniently skip over some of the less flattering parts of driv...

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Made in the USA: Patriotic Car Manufacturers and Models

There are plenty of patriotic-themed songs, movies, clothing, and more – all you have to do is take a look around. For example, Bruce Springsteen sang about being “Born in the USA,” Mel Gibson starred in The Patriot, Caroline Kennedy wrote “A Patriot...

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Which Luxury Cars Depreciate the Least?

We all know the names and logos of the market’s most desirable cars. A Ferrari badge or a Mercedes-Benz emblem can greatly influence a vehicle sale. Prospective car owners often naturally want their car to grow in value or maintain its cost at the ve...

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13 Overrated Cars: Do You Agree With Our List?

The car ownership world contains an equal blend of objectivity and subjectivity.  The subjective side can be summed up as one vehicle serving a particular owner well while the same car acts as a nightmare for another driver. We’re going to be focusin...

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Confessions of an Art Car Owner: Highlights of the 2021 Houston Art Car Experience

Confessions of an Art Car Owner: Highlights of the 2021 Houston Art Car Experience The Kelley Blue Book blog offers a lot of information about cars. These blogs offer insight on subjects like buying cars in 10 steps and how to buy a car online, but t...

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Classic Cars That Won’t Leave You Stranded

Several classic cars offer unique aesthetics that result in a double take. While many classic vehicles look great on posters and online car ads, reliability remains an essential factor.  The market has plenty of classic cars with maintenance needs th...

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History of the Batmobile: From 1939 Cadillac Series 75 Convertible Through the Batfleck Mobile

If you were asked to name an iconic superhero, chances are Batman would make your list. Fighting crime and keeping the streets of Gotham City free from the turmoil caused by such villains as The Penguin, The Riddler, and The Joker – it was only natur...

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Who You Gonna Call? The 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ectomobile!

  For those of us classified as Generation X, the iconic Ectomobile seen in the Ghostbusters movie franchise is one vehicle that is easily identified. While we may not know it by its real name, the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor (or by the Ectomobile),...

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Herbie Vs. Horace: The Clash of the 1963 Love and Hate Bugs

The History of Herbie as a super popular VW bug in the movies There is one vehicle that you can spot driving down the road from blocks away – the Volkswagen Beetle. Whether you play the "punch buggy" game and blast the person sitting next to you or j...

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Audi Quattro vs Lancia Stratos

The Audi Quattro and Lancia Stratos produced unforgettable racing memories. Each car’s top-tier design and engineering created pure joy from a spectator’s perspective. Motorsport racing received a significant boost in 1965 when the Auto Union and NSU...

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Valuable Life Lessons Learned From the DMC DeLorean

The DMC DeLorean is a two-passenger sports car made by John DeLorean’s DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) from 1981 to 1983. The DeLorean was the only vehicle to come from the company, and it was Giorgetto Giugiaro who designed it. DeLoreans were identifia...

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The Price of Finding These 10 Rare Cars

Every now and then, we see a car on the road or in a museum and think – if only I could take a ride in that! Besides being extremely beautiful, some of these cars are extremely expensive to own (if you find one for sale). Even if, by some chance, you...

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Mazda 787B vs. Peugeot 905/905 Evo 1 Bis: Which Is the Better Race Car?

This race car comparison will focus on two of Le Mans’ greatest race cars ever—the Mazda 787B and the Peugeot 905. The two vehicles we’re comparing have plenty of performance credentials and accolades to back up their coveted statuses. Le Mans proves...

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The Lamborghini Countach Vs. The Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 512

One thing that Lamborghini and Ferrari have in common is their exotic car status. To be fair, the term “exotic” when describing cars covers a lot of ground, so some cars may fall into the category that others don’t agree with. As a general rule, exot...

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The Chevrolet Chevelle Versus The Plymouth Roadrunner

There is no denying that throughout history, cars have had a special place all their own. Things like body styles and engine size have changed across the various makes and models found on and off the road. You know the different makes – Chevrolet, Do...

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Porsche Type 930 vs. Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS

The Porsche 930 and the Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS are two vehicles that helped define the 1970s luxury car market. With looks that kill and performance that thrills, vintage car enthusiasts adore all that these two vehicles have to offer. Germany and Italy...

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Lamborghini Miura vs. Lamborghini Countach

Lamborghini Miura vs. Lamborghini Countach: What’s Your Pick? Countach and Miura both stand their ground as two household Lamborghini names. While both of these vehicles are winners in their own right—which vehicle would you choose if you could only...

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Chevrolet Camaro Vs. Pontiac Firebird

Chevrolet Camaro Vs. Pontiac Firebird: Off to the Races with a Pairing of Pony Cars The history of cars in the United States is nothing short of interesting. From the first Model T through the decades and eras to self-driving vehicles today, the auto...

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James Bond Vehicles: Aston Martin DB5 vs. Bentley 4 ½ Litre

In the iconic James Bond film, GoldenEye, a conversation between Natalya Simonova and Bond occurs, essentially summing up Bond's relationship with almost every vehicle he drives. Natalya Simonova: "Do you destroy every vehicle you get into?" Bond: "...

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How Do Transport Companies Safely Ship Cars and Household Items?

Vehicles and household items play essential roles in our lives. A sudden need to relocate can easily prompt anxiety when you consider your need to transport these possessions.  Don’t let this get you down!  Professional auto transport and household...

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Tips for Finding a Quality Motorcycle Mechanic When You Move

If you are a motorcycle owner and you move across country for work or family, chances are you will want to ship your bike with a professional motorcycle shipping company. It is the safest way to get your motorcycle to your new home. With safe transpo...

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Reasons to Move to Houston, TX

As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Houston is appealing to prospective residents for many reasons. It is an energetic center for cultural, ethnic, and occupational diversity, and continues to remain more affordable and family-...

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From Port to Port – Land Transport of Your Boat

There are many reasons that will result in you needing to transport a boat. Perhaps you bought one at a boat show in another state, perhaps you bought manufacturer-direct, or maybe you are moving for work or family and want to bring your prized nauti...

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Choosing the Most Dependable Shipping Options for Collectible Cars

After years of hard work, you have reached that point in life where you can afford to spoil yourself a little bit. For many adults, that self-care can manifest itself in the collectible cars arena. Far more than just for driving to the grocery store,...

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What Goes Into a Custom Auto Shipping Quote?

Convenience is the main reason why people seek out services for shipping cars. Driving a car to its destination can be time-consuming and tiresome. Hiring an auto shipping service to transport your car can help you apply energy toward other essential...

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International Classic Car Transport – How Classic Cars Are Shipped Across The World

Whether you’re just a classic car enthusiast, or you own your own classic vehicles and may need to ship them abroad for a trip, an auto show, or because you’re permanently moving and relocating from your current country, you may be wondering how they...

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Lower Your Risk, Improve Safety When Shipping An Exotic Vehicle

Repairing an exotic vehicle can be highly expensive, even if the damage is minor. Because of this, owners usually go the extra length to protect their vehicles during transportation.  If you’re shipping your exotic car for the first time and you don’...

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Travel Trailer Moving Service

Travel trailers are the steppingstone to adventure for many travel enthusiasts. If you’re unsure what exactly a travel trailer is, they’re a popular non-motorized version of an RV. People often pull their travel trailers via a hitch that attaches to...

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How To Correctly Store A Vehicle

Whether you’re heading overseas or on a long trip, or you need to put a collectible car or another vehicle into storage for the season, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to store a car for a few months or longer. If this is the case...

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Five Problems Commonly Associated with International Shipping

There’s no doubt that international shipping is an involved process. Streamlining this process requires a knowledgeable approach. We’re here to discuss the most common problems that people deal with during international shipping. Understanding these...

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Avoid the Hazards of Driving Your Car Across Country

We know the comforts of living in a community for a long period of time. We know what it is like to be set in our ways. We have a short commute to work. Stores are easily accessible. Recreational activities are close by. Everything we need is conveni...

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International Auto Transport: Expectation vs. Reality

Shipping your car to an international destination is an exciting prospect. If you want to realize your vision of driving your vehicle in your new country, you’ll have to do put in some work ahead of time. The reality is that international vehicle shi...

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Do Car Transport Services Search Your Car When You Ship It?

So, you’re ready to ship your vehicle. You may be sending your car to a nearby state, across the country, or across an ocean. Wherever your vehicle is landing, you might be wondering how auto transport services approach car inspections.  It’s natural...

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Hazards of Driving Your Motorcycle Cross Country Instead Off Shipping It

You just landed a great new job, but it means you need to move across country. It’s worth it though. You’re excited about the move. You’ve packed up all your belongings. You’ve hired movers to transition those things to your new home. All that’s left...

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Save The Wear And Tear, Ship Your Bike to Sturgis

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of the most famous of such annual biker events in the country.  The event started in 1938 when a group of Indian Motorcycle owners decided to get together and challenge each other to perform stunts and races. Spear...

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Domestic Auto Transport: Your Expectations vs. Reality

Whether you’re shipping your vehicle to a nearby state or across the country, hiring an auto transport service can seem overwhelming. Your greatest asset when aiming to streamline your auto transport process is the research that you conduct.  There’s...

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Collectible Cars as an Investment

When someone mentions having an investment portfolio, they are usually referring to stocks and bonds. But you can invest in anything. You’re taking a gamble that whatever you are investing in is going to go up in value after you acquire it. If you ar...

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Selling And Shipping A Recently Bought Car From The US Overseas

We will first discuss how to check a vehicle shipping service provider’s legitimacy. Whenever you deal with a company, the following 3 steps must be followed in order to limit risk. This is especially important if you’re not located within the US. A...

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Avoid Surprises - Insuring Your Boat Before Transport

There are many reasons you may want to transport your boat over land. Perhaps you and your family have decided to move and want to bring your boat along rather than sell it. Maybe you bought a boat in another state and need to bring it home. It might...

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Domestic Car Shipment for Military Families

No matter if you are in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard, when you are in the military, there is always the chance that you will receive permanent change of station (PCS) orders. When that does happen, you and your family need to pl...

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How To Transport A Car Without Plates – Understanding Your Options

In some cases, you may find yourself needing to transport a car without plates. For example, if you buy a car from someone in another state and it is not registered and doesn’t have plates, you may need to get it to your state to register it and star...

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Hazards of Towing Your Car Vs Safety of Shipping

Unless you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or are an RV aficionado, driving a rented moving truck for a long-distance move is likely to be the biggest vehicle you will ever command. But what about your car? Is it better to tow your vehicle b...

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Why Would You Use an RV Delivery Service?

RV travel continues to stand as a popular way for Americans all over the country to hit the road and explore comfortably. There many reasons why RV travel is a go-to option for travelers looking to take road trips.  Driving an RV allows you to reduce...

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The Pros and Cons of Long-Distance Motorcycle Riding

If you are a motorcycle rider, you known that there is nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair as barrel down an open road. There is something uniquely energizing about feeling the power of an engine between your legs. Motorcycle riding is s...

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