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Another Autonomous Vehicle Accident Causes People to Question the Safety of this Technology

Another Autonomous Vehicle Accident Causes People to Question the Safety of this Technology Yet another obstacle in the heretofore tumultuous progression of the self-driving, or autonomous, vehicle’s road to success has presented itself.  This week, in Laguna Beach, CA, a Tesla sedan purported to be in autopilot mode crashed into a parked police car.  Of course, Tesla’s response is that the autopilot mode is not meant to replace an attentive driver, but merely works to support the human driver.  In this most recent incident, the driver suffered only minor injuries, but his vehicle was totaled in the crash.  This unfortunately […]

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International Company Moves: Summary for Each Country

International Company Moves: Summary for Each Country There are pros and cons to holding your company, or parts of it, in a certain country. In this article, we will give a quick summary of the world’s most relevant countries and of how your business may gain by moving at least part of its operations to them. If you’d like more details on one of these countries, we will likely cover it in depth in a later article.   The Americas Argentina: Despite the country’s high taxation, commercial enterprises and companies are given tax incentives, particularly those engaged in the production […]

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Volvo Taking Bold Steps Forward In Setting Goals For Electric

Volvo Taking Bold Steps Forward In Setting Goals For Electric After announcing in 2017 that they would be offering an electric motor option in all vehicles produced in 2019 and beyond, Volvo is doubling down on its commitment to electric. In a recent press release, the Swedish car maker stated that they plan to have electric vehicles make up at least of half of their sales by the year 2025. The initial move to electric motors is only for vehicles produced for the 2019 year and beyond, and even those will only have some form of electric option; either hybrid, […]

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Finding The Right Sled: Tips For Buying Your First Snowmobile

Finding The Right Sled: Tips For Buying Your First Snowmobile Are considering buying your first snowmobile? There’s a lot to consider for such a seemingly simple purchase, so there’s a few things that are helpful to keep in mind. This blog post will cover some of the basic tips and advice you’ll need to find the right snowmobile, taking into account things like upkeep and maintenance, as well as how and where you plan to ride. Ask A Friend If you have friends or know people that ride and know their way around a sled, they are a great source […]

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Shipping A Home Trailer Or Tiny Home

Shipping A Home Trailer Or Tiny Home | A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. Though it may seem simple on the surface, there is plenty to consider when shipping a tiny home. The first question you need to ask yourself is if you prefer to haul your portable home on your own or hire a company to do it for you. If you’re never shipped a tiny home before, you may be surprised to find that there’s more to consider than it appears at first glance. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the most important things to consider, and the […]

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Four Of The Best RV Parks & Resorts In The U.S.

Four Of The Best RV Parks & Resorts In The U.S. Just about every state in the U.S. could lay claim to having four of the best RV parks, which makes articles like this difficult to write. We combed over several staff favorites, as well as customer and professional reviews, to come up with our current list of the four best RV parks in America. If you’re looking for something a little different from what’s mentioned here, there are resources at the bottom of the page that can help you narrow down the RV parks that suit your ideal vacation. […]

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Tesla continues to delay production of $35K Model 3

Tesla continues to delay production of $35K Model 3 In March 2016, Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk announced the company would be designing a new vehicle model to appease the masses at a price point affordable by all.  He introduced the Tesla Model 3, the newest electric design for the popular company.  Fast forward over two years to now, and you can’t even attempt to purchase a Model 3 for less than $49K, a far cry from the $35K model Musk optimistically promised.  So what gives?  For one, the company is notorious for being unable to meet deadlines.  This disappointing […]

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The Death of the Sedan

The Death of the Sedan If it wasn’t obvious to you that the popularity of sedans has drastically diminished, you must not be driving in America.  In the fall of last year, sales of mid-sized cars plummeted drastically and October was the lowest volume month for that particular category.  Of course, auto manufacturers are also beginning to take notice of this alarming trend and revising their sales strategy in order to capitalize on the development.  In fact, in April of this year, Ford made a shocking announcement.  Moving forward, the company will only be producing TWO vehicles in their car […]

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Amazon wants access to the trunk of your car

Amazon wants access to the trunk of your car- Amazon Key service expansion At the end of 2017, Amazon rolled out a new service dubbed Amazon Key which allowed delivery drivers to place packages inside the recipient’s home.  Although some people were skeptical, the service seems to be a success so far.  The comfort of knowing that your package will be placed INSIDE your house and not left out and at risk of theft seems to outweigh the risk of allowing a perfect stranger access to your home.  Now, Amazon has expanded the service in a way that may appeal […]

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Cheap Movers In Carpentersville

Carpentersville Cheap Moving Services Once you know you will be executing a local or a long-distance move, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether to hire a professional relocation company or DIY. If you choose to hire a reputable commercial or office moving company, you will then compare the available legitimate companies. Remember that not all companies are the same, and getting the one that offers cheap moving services can be a challenge. Thankfully, Carpentersville cheap movers provide affordable rates for all moves, within and outside Illinois. When choosing between movers, you need a mover that will […]

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Remote Working: The Best Cities in the U.S. To Work From Home

Remote Working: The Best Cities in the U.S. To Work From Home There are now millions of people that work from home in the U.S. and that number continues to grow each year. According to a Gallup aPoll, more than 40% of the current workforce works remotely, at least for a portion of their work week. Employers are starting to get in on the trend as well, with more companies offering a flexible work arrangement than ever before. It can be a particularly useful tool in trying to lure in top flight talent, especially in certain industries like finance, insurance, […]

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South to North Auto Transport

South to North Auto Transport If you’re looking for an auto transporter to get your vehicle from the south to the north, you’ll find that there are an endless amount of options. There are many reliable auto transport companies that specialize and are certified to ship vehicles across the country. Through ground transport methods the shipping company will safely deliver the vehicle through one of their several transport options. You’ll find that most transport companies offer open air and enclosed shipping methods for long distance vehicle deliveries. As professionals, they’ll even help you decide the best shipping services and methods […]

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Shipping Options for a Car

Shipping Options for a Car When it comes to the process of transporting a vehicle, there are many different options available to you depending on whom you go through for services. Whether you’re shipping your car within the nation or overseas, you can expect to have a variety of options as long as you hire a reliable auto transporter for the job. If you find it hard to decide on what method to use or options are best for your car’s delivery to a new location, let the transporter’s customer service representatives assist you in your decisions. They will have […]

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North to South Auto Transport

North to South Auto Transport Transporting a car from north to south through professionals is worth every penny you may spend on shipping services. Most auto transport companies charge per the mile. Of course, there are many other factors that are determined before the total of your shipping costs can be provided.     Since the final cost to ship the car depends on many things, you can’t get an honest total on your bill without submitting certain information to the transport company. The shipping process for a vehicle can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand […]

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Motorcycle Shipping Cost Estimator

Motorcycle Shipping Cost Estimator Believe it or not, the cost for motorcycle shipping services is more affordable than you may assume.  Nearly all transport companies set low rates on their motorcycle shipping options to meet the budget restrictions of anyone interested in services. You must find a transporter that offers shipping services for motorcycles specifically. Not all transporters offer delivery services for bikes, so make sure they have the necessary equipment before you call them for a quote and to ask questions.     As a professional transporter, make sure they carry the right qualities. This includes maintaining a positive […]

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How Many Vehicles are Transported by Auto Carriers?

How Many Vehicles are Transported by Auto Carriers? When it comes to the process of shipping vehicles to another location, you will want to hire professional help. Most transport services will have vehicle haulers that can safely carry 10-12 vehicles at once. As you have probably seen on the highways or during your travels, there are many dealerships and manufacturers that take advantage of these types of multiple car transport services. It helps them to save money, keep their cars protected, and decrease the amount of time it would typically take to transport these vehicles on your own.   A-1 […]

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Send Us Your Suggestions

Send Us Your Suggestions Your feedback is very important to our team at A1 Auto Transport. It helps us meet our goals concerning our customers. We insist on providing a safe, reliable, quick and successful delivery for every vehicle left in our care for national and international transports. We are committed to appropriately and quickly responding to customer complaints and feedback. We use the information and suggestions generated to guide our decisions to improve the auto transport services we offer. All complaints and feedback will be handled equitably, objectively and in an unbiased manner in accordance with our policies as […]

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Governor Scott considers foregoing stock car race in light of political push-back

Governor Scott considers foregoing stock car race in light of political push-back Car racing and political views are generally not thought to go hand in hand, but this week, an interesting dichotomy is presenting itself that may showcase a unique situation in which the two are indeed related.  Vermont’s governor, Republican Phil Scott is well known for stock car racing at the Thunder Road Speedbowl in Barre and has been doing so for decades now.  However, this time around Scott is questioning whether or not to race again this season.  In light of the recent arrest of a local former […]

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Miami Luxury Car Rental Company Owner Swaps Cars for Guns

Miami Luxury Car Rental Company Owner Swaps Cars for Guns A local business owner of a Miami based high-end car rental company recently noticed a disturbing trend- many of his young customers were getting caught up in the not-so-glamorous life of crime prevalent in the Florida city.  Instead of resting on his laurels and watching this devastating trend prevail, he decided to take action.  Working in conjunction with the Miami Gardens Police force, Rashawn Welch, owner of 305 Elite, is offering free luxury car rentals to anyone in the community who surrenders a gun (or guns).  Welch is a 48-year-old […]

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Los Angeles to end free express lane perk for electric vehicles

Los Angeles to end free express lane perk for electric vehicles Southern California, namely the Los Angeles area, is known for its intense traffic congestion due to overpopulation and lack of alternative transportation options.  To combat this problem, there are two different types of specialized lanes that are aimed at targeting the issue.  On some highways, there are carpool lanes which can be used by vehicles with at least 2 people on board, and there are Express Lanes which are toll roads used by people who would rather pay than be stuck in traffic.  Currently, green energy cars and motorcycles […]

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Trump’s new presidential limousine set to debut this summer

Trump’s new presidential limousine set to debut this summer When Obama first became president back in 2009, he was presented with a brand new transport vehicle, which he described as “a Caddy, basically on a tank frame.”  So when President Trump arrived at the White House, it was quite a surprise that he did not receive a newer, upgraded fleet, but simply took over the keys to the previous version.  Turns out, Trump’s “Beast” (affectionately dubbed as such by the Secret Service) was just not quite ready.  It is now so close to completion that pictures of the nearly finished […]

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Oroville Motorcycle Shipping

Safe And Reliable Oroville Motorcycle Shipping Services By A-1 Auto Transport Oroville is a small town encompassing very beautiful sites to see as a family. Talk of Lake Oroville – the biggest Earth dam, Feather River, the famous mountain table and breathtaking waterfalls. Perhaps you are thinking of moving to the town located in California since you learnt of the thrilling things to do. You mainly use motorbikes to move around so leaving your bikes is out of the question. That said, only a motorcycle shipping company with immense experience will be of great help. You need A-1 Auto Transport! […]

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Cheap Movers In Palmetto Bay

Moving Smoothly with Palmetto Bay Cheap Movers With the numerous professional moving companies offering high-quality services within the city, relocating just got a lot easier and stress-free. You have a variety of local movers from which you can hire cheap moving services, and they are all trying to outdo one another. Now, the good thing about the competition is that it makes the companies offer quality services at affordable rates. However, there is always the best, and the rest. Talking of the best, Palmetto Bay Florida cheap movers provide the best relocation services in Florida. So, what makes us stand […]

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Cheap Movers In Hialeah

Hialeah, Florida Moving Companies – We Understand Your Relocation Needs Choosing a moving company can be terrifying. You can never be sure of what to expect from the companies. However, doing proper research and understanding what to look for will assist you to identify the most trusted Hialeah, Florida cheap moving companies and hence the process will be stress-free.     How to Find the Best Hialeah, Florida (FL) cheap movers Your Moving Needs Before searching for a Hialeah, Florida cheap moving service provider, you should know where you want to relocate to. If you’re going to move to another […]

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Cheap Movers In Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach, Florida (FL) Cheap Movers Sometimes household and office moving turns stressful. This is due to the high prices imposed on the relocation process by the available movers. Fort Walton Beach cheap moving companies just came up for your rescue. The companies have been offering interstate and residential moving service at affordable rates. Walton Beach Florida cheap movers are licensed to provide cross country moving and storage service at a customized price. This has changed the relocation challenges around the city and the entire country, making the process seamless. In a fast-growing state like Florida, the rise of […]

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