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Introducing the New A-1 Auto Transport Google Assistant Voice Bot

We live in a world that has made technology almost ubiquitous. Many people try to reject it, but we here at A-1 Auto Transport obviously like technology, and we believe it should make our lives better. That was exactly the idea behind our new Google Assistant Voice Bot, meant to be your personal assistant that will help you find the best solutions for shipping your vehicle. We’ve taken the principles that have been the very basis of this company from the beginning, and used them to help construct a bot that’s designed to help you make the right decision. What…

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Free Reductions Mark Good News For Truckers & Carriers

Changes will be ushered in for 2019 and 2020 that will reduce fees issued by the Unified Carrier Registration, which is good news for truckers and carriers around the United States. The change comes about as a result of new limits authorized by congress that set a maximum level for the fees that may not be exceeded. The goal is that more companies are eligible for registration, while also lowering the fees paid by those already in operation. The Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) system is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation and replaces the previous system known as the…

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FMCSA Approves Usage Of Cameras Instead Of Side Mirrors

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is moving forward with plans to allow for replacement of side view mirrors on trucks with a camera system that provides a fuller and more clear view. Part of the reason that the proposed change was put into effect is that an exemption was applied for by trucking technology company, Stoneridge, so that they could use their camera system in place of the standard side mirrors. Stoneridge received a five year exemption from the FMCSA, allowing them to use the technology rather than the standard oversized mirrors. The camera system created by Stoneridge…

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ELD Enforcement: CVSA Critical Of Excessive Exemptions

The Electronic Logging Mandate, instituted as part of the MAPS-21 legislation, was designed to streamline logbooks for motor carriers and make the process of recording data easier. While it has had some success in that regard, there have recently been some complaints that too many exemptions are being authorized for some carriers. Some of the most common exemptions are for older carriers, short distance haulers, and farm vehicles. The most pointed criticism comes from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which is affiliated with roadside inspectors (commercial). The main issue at stake is that ELD measures are designed to ensure drivers…

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Self-Driving Transport Permits Coming To California

Self-driving vehicles have been in the news regularly as virtually every automaker and major tech company are making the plunge into what they hope is the future of personal transportation. What often gets lost in the discussion is the potential of self-driving transport vehicles, which could revolutionize the entire industry. It’s no surprise that California is leading the way on both fronts, both because of the major role it plays in the transport industry and because of the presence of major players in the technology field. The prime example being companies like Google, which has been developing autonomous vehicles on…

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Shortage Of Truck Drivers Causes Ripple Effects Throughout Industry, Economy

Shortage Of Truck Drivers Causes Ripple Effects Throughout Industry, Economy There was a significant shortage of commercial truck drivers in the U.S. in 2018; something that will likely continue through the end of 2019 and possibly beyond according to recent reports. This development comes as something of a surprise since the industry has made efforts recently to improve working conditions and compensation in the transport industry, both from regulators and owners. Many companies now offer a decent wage with average salaries expected to be around $60,000 annually, not to mention that many offer their drivers sign-on bonuses. As several drivers…

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Self-Driving Truck Company Started By Levandowski

Anthony Levandowski is a big name in the “autonomous vehicle revolution,” but it’s a name that comes with some controversy. Levandowski has previously worked for Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, where he was on the team developing Waymo, which was Google’s self-driving car project. He then left Waymo to work on a self-driving vehicle project of his own called Otto, which he co-founded. After his new self-driving project was bought by Uber and he was placed in charge of its development, a lawsuit was filed against Uber by Waymo alleging theft of trade secrets by Levandowski. He was…

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Where States Are People Moving To? Relocation Trends In 2018

Where States Are People Moving To? Relocation Trends In 2018 The reasons people move to a new state, or even a new home for that matter, vary widely depending on a number of factors. Typically in the moving industry, the reasons are boiled down to a few basic factors: affordability, job opportunities, family reasons, and to upgrade. Of course, the decision to move to a new city, county, or state depends on many things and these types of analysis are an oversimplification, but they do help to fill out the picture of why people move where they do. As for…

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FMCSA To Increase Timeframe For Commercial Learner Permits

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently increased the timeframe for commercial learner permits from six months to one year rather than the previous 180 day limit. The timeframe may be increased at the discretion of each individual state, meaning that it will not likely be uniform across all parts of the U.S. Since it is an option and not a requirement, it is not expected that every state will choose to open up the length of time in which a commercial learner permit (CLP) can be in effect. Much like a standard driver’s license, the commercial learner permit…

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CARB Block DMV Registration For Older Transport Vehicles

The California Air Resources Board has passed a new regulation, known as the Truck and Bus Regulation, that will affect all carriers that have and use trucks in the state of California. By 2020, all trucks manufactured before 2011 will be blocked from vehicle registration until they are replaced with a newer vehicle, or have the engine replaced with a newer one (made after 2010) in the same vehicle. The goal of the Truck and Bus Regulation is to reduce harmful emissions among carriers in order to meet health standards that apply to other vehicles used in the state. It…

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CA Meal & Rest Periods For Truck Drivers Struck Down

Food and rest period breaks for California truck drivers were made a little easier to work with recently, at least within the confines of the schedules required for transport drivers. The new regulation allows for the preemption of existing meal and break periods for drivers to take their 30 minutes meal break after eight hours of driving, rather than the standard five hours that had previously been required. Under the exemption guidelines, drivers can take the break when it makes sense to, instead of having to pull off and take the meal or rest period after five hours of drive…

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A-1 Auto Transport Is Hiring!

At A-1 Auto Transport , we imagine making the car shipping industry easier, cheaper, and less confusing for people worldwide. Would you like to help us on our quest? Because we’re currently hiring! Would you like to work in a fast paced, team oriented atmosphere? If so, please apply today. We’re currently looking to add the following to our team: customer service agents sales staff web designers programmers writers interns Interested applicants please send your resume and cover letter toemployment@a1autotransport.com. Each and every email will be reviewed.

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