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Banqiao is one of the larger districts and is the seat of the New Taipei. The city is known as the 22nd city in the world as per the population density. If you want to move to Banqiao, there are a few things to consider, such as shipping your vehicle there so you can drive when you want to.

The rules and regulations are not that strict when it comes to importing. The vehicle will need to have the proper paperwork with it in order to import it with ease.

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Requirements to Ship.

All countries require some degree of paperwork in order to ship a vehicle and Taiwan is no different. You are responsible for gathering, filling out, and returning these documents to the Embassy of Taiwan before your shipment day is scheduled. You will need the following documentation:

  • An import permit.
  • Paid duties and taxes that is dependent on the size of the engine as well as the age of your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle must be at least one year old but no more than ten years old.
  • You must show ownership of the vehicle for at least one year.
  • You are not allowed to import more than one automobile.
  • Your automobile must operate on lead free gas only.

Additionally, to ensure that your documents are vetted and approved so that the vehicle import is as per laws, you need to submit it to the relevant authorities in USA and in Taiwan. Some of the requisite paperwork includes:

  • Passport and residence visa.
  • Proof of purchase of vehicle.
  • Work permit in Taiwan.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Registration and a title of your vehicle.
  • Letter from your employer.
  • Detailed list of the vehicle -car’s make, model, year, color, engine number, VIN.

Although this list is thorough, it may be a good idea for you to contact the Taiwan Customs Department before you schedule transport.

The cost of Transport.

There are several customs duties as well as fees that will need to be paid before you can import your vehicle over for personal use. To determine the fees, you will need to calculate the customs value times the cost, insurance, and freight, or CIF. The cost of the vehicle will be determined by the invoice you provide and minus some depreciation accordingly. It will also show the value of the vehicle by using a common book like NADA or Kelly Blue Book.

Determining the Cost.

The cost of the vehicle will depend upon the cost of insurance, price of the vehicle and the freight shipping charges. The import duty is 17.5% while there are additional fees of Commodity Tax (25% to 30%), business tax (2% to 5%) and VAT. The method of shipment that you select will depend upon your selection but will affect the total price.

Once the vehicle has cleared customs, it will then go through an inspection by the Environmental Protection Agency. It will also need to pass an energy efficiency standard test. You can have both of these tests done at the same place which is Automotive Research and Testing Center. It will be most helpful to put the documentation together and hand them over as the process of approving your vehicle begins.

The Roll On/ Roll Off method is the most affordable one to choose. Your vehicle will need to be completely emptied except for a car jack, spare tire, and the floor mats. It is rolled on the ship and strapped down for the ride. The container shipping method is another choice. Your vehicle will be placed inside of a large container, either 20 or 40 feet. You can fill the vehicle up with your personal belongings as well however, they must all pass inspections from the Taiwan customs. You may want to choose air shipping but this is a very expensive option.

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