Is Shipping a Used Car to Brazil Permitted?

The process of shipping a car to Brazil isn’t exactly simple. It takes a great deal of experience and a lot of knowledge in regards to foreign import policies. If you’re trying to ship a used car to the country, you may not be able to.

The cost of taxes and duties for used vehicles being imported into Brazil is so expensive that it could add up to more than double of the car’s value.

To find out if you can get your used car imported into the country at an affordable price, contact a well-known international auto transporter nearby your home in the U.S. See what they have to say and even gather a quote just in case. Then, contact the Consulate General of Brazil to learn more about the current import laws in place. Ask about the restrictions for vehicles and about the tax and duty rates associated with car’s import into the country.

It is likely that you will be told that the car is not allowed in the country unless it is just temporarily. In this case, your transport service may have alternative suggestions. The laws for auto import in Brazil are subject to change at any time, so always check with the embassy too.

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The Two Most Common Overseas Shipping Methods.

There are two popular overseas shipping methods that customers use. If you area able to get your car shipped to the country, choose between these two shipping methods. Both of them are cost effective and secure forms of transport.

  • RO/RO transport is an open air shipping service. It is also the least expensive method. It is most preferred by those shipping multiple vehicles. The car must be completely empty for this shipping service.
  • Container transport is a more protected form of shipping. The vehicle is shipped inside of a container with other belongings. Even the car can contain your possessions as long as they are permitted under the country’s import law. This shipping method is a little more expensive but you can split the service with someone else.

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