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Funchal is the capital and largest city of Autonomous Region of Madeira, located in Portugal. Funchal is well known for its historical value and the culture. It is considered the sixth largest city in Portugal and is one of the sought after tourist destinations in the country.

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Importing on Temporary permit.

If you want to move to Funchal, you will love the fact that you can drive your own vehicle and sightsee whenever and where ever you want to. That is one of the reasons to import your own vehicle. You are allowed to bring your personal vehicle to Funchal, Portugal for a total of 6 months on a temporary permit, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Your vehicle is registered in your name.
  • Only you and your family are allowed to use your vehicle.
  • You have an international driver’s license that is valid.
  • You have valid car insurance from the United States.

Regulations of Auto Importation.

When you import the vehicle on a permanent basis, you will only need to complete a residency permit form and have it approved. Your vehicle will need to also go through an emissions and road worthiness test and if it fails, your vehicle will need to go through modifications and approved by Portuguese authorities. To save time, you can get the modifications done before you import your vehicle so it will pass inspections. You will also need to pay the required taxes and fees in order to be approved by the Customs and Excise Department of Portugal.

You will be required to obtain a Portuguese license and plate when you register your vehicle. If your vehicle is new and from United States, you will need to pay the VAT but if it is used a vehicle, there is no VAT unless you sell your vehicle within twelve months of bringing it to Funchal.

All vehicles registered in Portugal will need to hold All-in-One card which will hold your vehicle information, your insurance information, your registration, and your log book. This card should stay in your vehicle at all times. Once your vehicle is legally ready to drive with a local license and plates, the procedure is complete. You need to have a good understanding of the driving rules in Portugal before you begin driving there.

Selecting the right shipping method.

When you are ready to ship your vehicle to Funchal, you will need to select a shipping method. There are two options available; Roll On/ Roll Off and container shipping. You will need to ensure that the vehicle is prepped before it is shipped. This includes disabling the alarms, cleaning the vehicle and removing air conditioning gas and most of the fuel. However, floor mats, car jack and an extra set of keys can be left in the vehicle.

The Roll On/ Roll Off method of shipping is the most commonly chosen method because it is not as expensive. Your vehicle will be driven onto the deck of the ship and fastened down for the ride. There should be nothing in the vehicle while it’s being transported. There can be no air conditioning gas left in the vehicle and there can only be up to one-fourth tank of gas.

Container shipping is another option of shipping. You will get to choose between a 20 foot container and a 40 foot container. The containers will hold your vehicle plus any personal items you want to bring with you.

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