What to Know before You Ship Your Car to Libya

Sending a car to another country through reliable shipping services is the only way to guarantee a successful delivery and import. You need ships, shipping equipment, trained transport professionals, and much more to assure that the vehicles are shipped safely to their destinations across the ocean.

Transport companies offer cost effective services at affordable prices. Use the Internet to find the best overseas transporter and book a shipping date as soon as you make a decision.

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It Begins with Preparation.

Almost immediately after booking your shipping date with the most reliable international transport company you can find, call the Embassy of Libya. Although your transporter will have their staff is familiarized with foreign import laws, the regulations change from country to country. The embassy holds the current laws set for the nation.

  • Provide documents to Customs fro import approval.
  • Any returning citizens of Libya cannot import a vehicle older than 5 years of age.
  • Foreigners must pay relevant import taxes and duties including 25% of the car’s value and a 10% duty charge for any returning citizens.

Create a list of everything you must collect for the Customs office. Make sure that paying import duties and tariffs are included on the list. Without providing proof of payment the car is denied entrance into the nation. Meeting the import laws of Libya isn’t the only preparation associated with the transport. The car awaiting transport needs preparation according to standards held by the transporter. This lessens the risk of damage to the car and the possibility of harm done to the transport professionals delivering it.

On Schedule…                                                                  

On the day scheduled for the car’s transport, make sure you have whatever paperwork you need and that the car is fully ready. Once released to the transporter, the vehicle is secured to the ship according to the shipping services you purchased. Transporting your car to Libya starts once all cars are secured to the ship and the go ahead is given.

You will receive notice of the car’s due arrival at the port. It is important that you’re there the day it is delivered. Otherwise, the port will charge for everyday the car is left there. Arrange any rides necessary to assure the vehicle’s safe and timely retrieval.

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