Ship Car To Libya

Transporting a Vehicle to Libya 

Shipping A Car To Libya

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • It costs between $3,200 to $6,300 to have a car shipped from the U.S. to Libya, a price range that generally captures the most common costs for shipping to a country on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Because of its ample coastline, vehicle shipments using a container may be cheaper than other methods.

Exporting a vehicle to Libya can be a simple thing to do as long as you know what regulations and prerequisites are required for shipping. You will need to have paperwork filled out and documents available for customs when planning to ship overseas from the United States. Libya is a country that does not have some of the stringent import laws that many other countries have, but they do have strict policies on paperwork to clear your vehicle through customs. Your transport agent will go over the paperwork required as well as let you know the mandatory documents they will need to transport your vehicle for you.

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Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Libya

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Original title & current registration
  4. Signed affidavit of Power of Attorney if you will not be present at the exit port in the U.S. or at the entry port in Libya
  5. Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  6. Bill of sale
  7. Valid passport
  8. Import permit
  9. Insurance
  10. Letter of employment

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Other Requirements to Import 

The Customs Department in Libya will require documents to ship your vehicle into the country. Your transport agent will assist you with getting the documents properly filled out or you can contact the Embassy of Libya in Washington, DC for more information on paperwork needed to go through customs.

Specific regulations are as follows:

  • Must have a Driver’s License. Licenses from the United States are acceptable, but it is recommended to possess an International Driver’s License as well
  • Citizens returning to Libya may not import vehicles older than 5 years old
  • Citizens returning to Libya must pay a 10% tax after customs estimates the vehicle value
  • Foreigners must pay fee accessed of 25% of the value of the vehicle as a deposit and a Temporary Regime will be applied. When exiting Libya, the deposit will be refunded
  • Must obtain insurance coverage for Libya
  • Must pay a temporary membership to the Automobile and Touring Club of Libya in the amount of $50 for 4WD Vehicle/ $50 for Motorbikes/ $100 for Campers and Vans
  • Must get a temporary Libyan Car Plate

Before You Ship 

You will want to make sure you sit down with the agent to discuss in detail the required paperwork and the type of shipping you will be doing. The transport agency will give you a total quote that will cover the type of shipping, pick-up, and delivery if needed, and fees that will be included in the final billing. They will also go over anything you need to do to prepare the vehicle to be shipped, including steam cleaning if necessary, cleaning out personal items from the interior or removing accessories from the exterior of the vehicle. The transport agent will also be able to give you directions on where to locate many of the documents and paperwork that you will need. For more information on international customs regulations you can also contact the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency and they can direct you to paperwork and give you information on regulations for shipping personal items as well as your vehicle.

Shipping Options

There are several ways to ship a vehicle internationally. These are the ways you will choose from when making plans to have your vehicle shipped to Libya:

Ro-Ro Shipping – Ro-Ro shipping is the most efficient and quickest way to ship your vehicle overseas. Your vehicle will be driven onto the ship and secured to make sure it is stable and will be driven off the ship when it reaches the port in Libya. For Ro-Ro Shipping your car must not have any personal items inside of it, so you will need to thoroughly clean it prior to shipping.

Container Shipping – Your vehicle will be placed inside of a secure 20 or 40-foot container and then loaded onto a freight ship. Container Shipping is the more expensive way to transport a vehicle overseas, but you will have room to ship personal items inside of the container as well as inside your vehicle.

Air Cargo Shipping – Shipping your car via air is the most expensive way to ship, but it is also the fastest way to have your vehicle where you need it in Libya. Your vehicle will either be driven onto the Cargo plane or will be placed inside of a freight container and then loaded onto the plane for travel.

Your transport agent will work with you to make the transition to having your vehicle shipped to Libya as smoothly as possible. For more information on the cost of shipping internationally and what procedures you will need to follow you can check out this article.

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