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Ship Your Car To Or From New Amsterdam, Guyana

New Amsterdam is well known for being the largest city in Guyana. It is located in the eastern part of the Berbice-Corentyne Region, only sixty-two miles from the Georgetown.

Guyana is part of the popular attractions when you are visiting the Caribbean. The sunlit skies and golden beaches, tropical climate is a great allure for many U.S citizens that purchase property here in order to have a place to vacation when they want to get away. The scenery in Guyana includes a majestic rainforest that offers observation and preservation of wildlife.

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Requirements for Shipping a Vehicle

If you want to bring your vehicle with you when you come to New Amsterdam to visit, you will find that the process is not very complicated. Just make sure that you have filled out the necessary forms and paid all customs and taxes prior to your shipment date. You want to also hire A-1 Auto Transport to assist you in your importing process because they know what to do and what to expect since they have been shipping there for more than twenty years. While the process may be easy to do, the rates for transporting there is going to be expensive.

There are restrictions that need to be followed, such as the steering wheel must be a right-hand side only and your vehicle cannot be more than five years of age. If your vehicle is not an expensive one than the taxes or customs duties will not be as expensive either. Small trucks coming into the country cannot weigh more than three tons total and cannot be less than four years old. to Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) duties are 150% and the VAT is 16%. Excise taxes can run between 10% and 110% depending on many factors.

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Documents You Will Need to Have Ready

Before you can board the boat you will need to have all your documents copied and ready to hand over with your paperwork request. Your shipping agent can help you come up with a list of documents you need to have in hand. These documents include:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of ownership of the car
  • Title of your vehicle
  • Registration of the vehicle
  • Customs entry documentation
  • Temporary insurance for Guyana
  • Copy of the duty-free letter if you have one sent from the Secretary to the Treasury

Shipping costs from the United States to Guyana can run between $1000 and $3800 depending on shipping options and your vehicle.

Shipping Methods to Guyana

If you are shipping a vehicle to Guyana, you have two shipping options available. The first is Roll On/ Roll Off and the second is container shipping. With Roll On/ Roll Off, your vehicle will be placed on the deck of a ship where it is strapped down for the trip. You will need to prepare your vehicle for this option. You can only have a spare tire, floor mats, a car jack, and a set of keys in the vehicle at the time of transport. Container shipping may be an option for you if you want to protect your vehicle with an added layer of protection while in route or if you want to send your personal items with your vehicle at the same time. You can select a 20-foot container or a 40 foot. Your vehicle will be placed inside the container and then the container is sealed up and placed on the deck of the ship for transport.

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