Ship Car To Liberia

Shipping A Car To Liberia

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • Because of its coastal location in West Africa, it can be cheaper to ship cars to the area from the U.S. than certain other parts of the country.
  • For the most part, cars can be transported between the United States and Liberia for $3,200 to $6,300.

Did you know that Liberia is the home to Sapo National Park, the second-largest tropical rainforest in the West Africa region? Liberia with its capital at Monrovia is situated in West Africa. It is bordered by Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Serra Leone. Liberia is full of history and while you are visiting, you may enjoy looking around. Whether you are relocating or traveling to Liberia will require some preparation. This article will help you to travel to Liberia with your own vehicle.

In order to ship your vehicle from the U.S. to Liberia, you will need to view customs regulations beforehand. You will also need to inquire about the duty rate and make a checklist of the documents you will be required to provide when importing your vehicle to Liberia.

Ports in Liberia

Liberia is located in West Africa and is bordered by Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Cote D’Ivoire. Guinea is located to the north, Sierra Leone is located to the west and Cote D’Ivoire is located on the east side. The main ports in Liberia include Harper, Greenville, Monrovia, and Buchanan. Monrovia is considered the major port in Liberia. The most common shipping locations in the United States that ships to Liberia include Minneapolis, Detroit, Long Beach, and New York.

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Required Information

If you are exporting a new vehicle, you will need to have the following documentation:

  • Chassis number
  • Original bill of sale
  • The commercial invoice that includes signatures, sealed and stamped. This invoice should also include the engine capacity, year model, and color of the vehicle.

If you are transporting a used vehicle, customs will need to appraise the vehicle to know its value. Duty rates will depend on the vehicle but you are looking at between 38% and 60%, the actual percentage will depend on the type of vehicle you have the engine capacity. A used vehicle is also subject to customs tariff.

Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Liberia
  1. Clear title
  2. Registration documents
  3. Proof of purchase (invoice)
  4. Proof of ownership
  5. Passport copy of the owner
  6. Valid ID issued by the government
  7. Insurance documents of the car
  8. Import permit
  9. Custom release notification form
  10. Registration

Note: While these rules and regulations are in effect, it’s important to note that these customs regulations may be subject to change at any given time. This information is strictly a guide.

Shipping Options

When preparing your vehicle to ship, there are two different ways to ship; the roll on/roll off service or the container service. With the roll on/roll off service, you will need to drive the vehicle on and drive the vehicle off the ship. This means that you will need proper documentation and identification in order to do this. The gas tank in the vehicle should only be one-quarter full. The roll on/roll off service is the most affordable way to ship your vehicle. However, all documents, import duty, and insurance need to be at par with the current regulations. You can know more about different methods of shipping your car and how cost effective it is beforehand to ensure a smooth transportation.

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