Shipping Motorcycles To Czech Republic

How To Ship Your Motorcycle To Or From Czech Republic

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • To ship a motorcycle from USA to Czech Republic costs around $1,400 to $2,300 apart from the import duties and taxes
  • VAT and customs taxes are around 3% to 6%, while VAT is calculated at around 21%

Situated in Central Europe, Czech Republic is a panoramic country that shares its borders with Austria, Slovakia, Germany, and Poland. With temperate continental weather, it has warm summers and snowy winters. As Czech is landlocked country, the closest sea-port is Hamburg, Germany. Thus, for faster and easier logistics, it is best that you work closely with an international auto shipping company like ours so that all procedures and Customs clearances are done quickly. We have been in the business of shipping vehicles, including motorcycles, to various countries in Europe and can assist you through the complete procedure. As it is part of the EU, the laws and regulations on import remain the same. Still there are many specifications that hold ground only in Czech Republic.


Moving motorcycles to Czech Republic for over 30 years


Requisite Inspections

To ensure that there are no delays when you ship a motorcycle from USA to Czech Republic, it is important that the motorcycle passes the roadworthiness tests. EU has stringent requirements for emission standards, and that is why it is important to get all of that checked before you ship it from USA. It can be costly to get the motorcycle modified, but it is essential so that the homologation process is completed. Everything about the motorcycle is inspected including the tires, brakes, engine and blinkers.

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Import Duties and Taxes

Based on the cost of insurance, freight charges, value, weight, and size of the motorcycle, the import duties are calculated. The import tax is 3% to 6% while the VAT is around 21% on motorcycles. However, if you are moving it as part of your household possessions, there is no duty. There are some important documents that are required to be submitted:

  • Title deed
  • Purchase invoice of the motorcycle
  • Long-term visa (copies)
  • Passport
  • Work permit (copy)
  • Certificate Of Conformity
  • Owner’s passport

You are allowed to retain the motorcycle within the country for 12 months without registering it with local license plates. When you are looking at options for shipping your motorcycle, you can air ship it which might be the quickest way to reach Czech Republic. However, the high cost might be a deterrent. In case, you do want to ship it like that you are required to disconnect the battery, drain the fuel and crate it, as it is considered to be a hazard, otherwise. The same procedure is used when the motorcycle is sent by container shipping. However, you do not need to disconnect the battery or drain the fuel completely if you opt for Roll-on/Roll-Off method.

You can call in the Embassy of Czech Republic to get the latest information about the laws and regulations.

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