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The process of heavy equipment shipping is one that requires the attention of professionals in the auto transport industry. Whether you’re buying heavy equipment transport services to ship cargo across the country or overseas, it is possible to have your oversized delivery made nearly wherever you may need it delivered. In fact, many different manufacturers and industries use these services to haul their farm equipment, tractors, hydraulic forklifts, cranes, bulldozers, heavy industrial tools, engines, construction machinery, and other large new, used and reconditioned machinery, material and gear.

Hire a Reliable Heavy Equipment Transport Company

For a safe and quick delivery, it’s best to call the experts. Just start by going online and looking for “equipment hauling near me.” Then, narrow your options by finding the companies with the best reputations (proven through online reviews) for their international and domestic hauling services. Contact each of the prospective transporters to ask questions about insurance, services and prices.

Transport company professionals will explain all your options including the various container sizes, they’ll provide you with insurance information, and in most cases even give out free quotes so you have an idea what it will cost to ship your precious cargo. Some transport companies have an online calculator so you can get a fast estimate for services based on the current rates per mile as well as weight and size dimensions.  Luckily, the rates per mile and cost of shipping services are quite reasonable and known for their cost efficiency.

Some of these manufacturers include:

Texas, Hawaii, California, Florida, and New York are some of the major U.S. states with ports that accept and handle these types of oversized loads. It takes specialized towing equipment and state-of-the-art carriers and haulers to get oversized cargo and containers to their destination.

Shipping heavy equipment and oversized cargo for over 30 years

Advice and Tips on Freight Shipping

Shipping heavy equipment and oversized cargo for over 30 yearsDepending on where you plan to have the heavy equipment shipped, there are several ways to have it safely delivered. Not all transportation companies have the same choices, but you can have your equipment shipped by aircraft, heavy-lift ships, flatbed truck or trailer, or container. Many heavy equipment hauling companies will provide you with options. It’s great to have variety when it comes to a heavy haul. Depending on what is being shipped, your cargo may need special care and hauling equipment. So, don’t hesitate to ask your transport brokers if they offer any special heavy equipment moving services.

On the day of your heavy equipment movers are due to arrive, make sure everything is clutter free for the loaders. They’ll need room for their tools and equipment so they can load and tow safely. Providing them with this security and clearance is your responsibility. Once they leave the property, your equipment is protected by the insurance held by the heavy equipment hauling company as it makes its way to its destination. During its trip, it may be transferred to another hauler. However, you will be provided with this information when you call in to schedule for services and learn about the logistics of the haul.

Overseas Shipping Methods for Heavy Equipment Transports

Roll-On/Roll-Off – The RoRo method is a common form of transport for heavy equipment deliveries made to a country overseas. A flatbed ship is the vessel used to haul heavy equipment such as motorhomes and industrial machinery. There are some height and weight restrictions.

Flat Rack Shipping – This method delivers boats, RVs and other pieces of heavy equipment on a flat rack that is then secured atop a ship. This open-air method is favorable due to its cheaper shipping rates and ability to ship a broader range of cargo.

Container Shipping – If your cargo can fit into a large shipping container this is a great transport method. It offers your heavy machinery more protection against poor weather conditions as it makes its way to another nation.

Lift-On/Lift-Off – The LoLo method is best used for shipping non-operable vehicles, engines, farm equipment, and other forms heavy equipment. Your cargo is lifted with a crane and placed on top of the ship for its transport.

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