How to Prepare Your Boat for Its Transport

How to Prepare Your Boat for Its Transport

Preparing a boat for its transport is the responsibility of the shipping customer and it is a very important task to complete if you wish for the safest delivery of the water vessel. Preparing the boat will help keep its condition in the same standing and even serve to protect those caring for its delivery.


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Make sure that as the owner or shipper of the boat, that all preparation requirements set by the shipping company are fulfilled accordingly.

  • Remove all hazardous materials off the boat including paint, oil, fuel and any other flammable or dangerous liquids.
  • Make sure all latches and hatches are tightly fastened and secured. Reinforce latches with rope, straps, tape or zip ties. This prevents water or other elements from entering the boat as it travels through open air methods.
  • Go through the boat to remove any personal and valuable goods. The transport company is not responsible for any of these items. Also remove the anchor and any other heavy unattached items.
  • Shut, lock and secure all doors, cabinets, windows and drawers to prevent them from opening during the boat’s delivery by ground or overseas.
  • Secure loose gears and cables inside and outside of the boat.
  • If the water vessel exceeds 13ft in height, inform the transport company of its height. They will need to plan alternative routes to avoid certain bridges and tunnels. If the height of the boat is due to a removable piece or part, you may be asked to remove it to avoid extra costs and concerns during the transport.
  • Disable all electrical and gas powered appliances and equipment. Batteries must also be disconnected.
  • All required documents and paperwork should be prepared for the tow operators when they arrive to retrieve the boat.
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