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Joe brought me peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough for being so reliable and trustworthy

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Auto & Car Transport Companies Maryland

Maryland (MD), USA

What's in this article?
  1. Car Shipping Companies Maryland
  2. Cost & Time To Ship Your Car Examples
  3. Car Delivery Service Near Me
  4. Auto Transport Companies Near Me
  5. Using Car Transport Companies Maryland
  6. Ship Car To Another State - Long Distance Auto Transport To/From Maryland
  7. International Auto Transport From/To Maryland
  8. Cheap Car Transportation Options In Maryland
  9. Shipping Luxury And Classic Cars In Maryland
  10. Maryland Car Transport Services Near Me Special Discounts
  11. Vehicle Transport Services Safety Measures In Maryland
  12. How To Request A Price Estimate For Auto Shipping
  13. Ship Car To Another State
  14. Cost To Ship Car To Another State
  15. Interstate Towing
  16. Transport Car To Another State
  17. Car Movers Near Me
  18. Car Transport Maryland (Md) Near Me Directory - Car Movers Near Me
  19. Maryland Car Registration
  20. Registration For New Maryland Residents
  21. Vehicle Registration For Maryland Military Members
  22. Fees Of Vehicle Registration In Maryland
  23. Car Inspections In Maryland
  24. Services And Information
  25. Other Maryland Resources
Auto & Car Transport Companies Maryland

Car Shipping Companies Maryland

Maryland may be one of the smallest states in the U.S. in terms of size, but it also has one of the highest concentrated populations. Maryland is known for its geographic diversity, with just about every natural environment featured in some part of the state. Maryland is also home to the Chesapeake Bay, the state’s largest body of water, which is also the largest estuary in the United States. More than 10,000 years old, the Bay has a rich history that’s tied to employment, tourism, and transportation in the area.

Cost & Time To Ship Your Car Examples

Shipping To/FromCostDistanceEstimated Time In Transit
Baltimore to New York$192192 miles1 - 2 days
Asheville to Baltimore$382509 miles2 - 4 days
Baltimore to Chicago$526701 miles3 - 5 days
Jacksonville to Maryland$572763 miles3 - 5 days
Maryland to Louisiana$7161194 miles4 - 6 days
Colorado to Maryland$10431739 miles5 - 7 days
Phoenix to Maryland$11442288 miles6 - 8 days
Maryland to Las Vegas$12122424 miles7 - 9 days
Washington to Maryland$10852713 miles7 - 9 days
Baltimore to California$11082769 miles7 - 9 days

*Prices and times for Maryland auto transport are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and what type of vehicle you are shipping.

Car Delivery Service Near Me

Auto Transport Companies Near Me

Looking for auto transport companies near you in Maryland? If you’re getting ready to make a move from Maryland and are not sure how to also move your car, our team can help. If you’ve looked online, you might notice how confusing Maryland car shipping can get. We try to keep things far more simple and straightforward with professional drivers, no hidden costs, and quality delivery.

Using Car Transport Companies Maryland

  • Don’t Fill the Gas Tank - The best car shipping companies in Maryland will request that you have no more than 1/4 tank of gas in the vehicle prior to pickup. Not only is it safer to move vehicles with less fuel, it helps reduce the overall auto shipping cost by reducing the weight of the vehicle.
  • Disable the Alarm - Auto shipping companies will ask that you disable any alarm systems or theft prevention devices on the vehicle before pickup. This is so that the alarm doesn’t go off in the middle of transport without the truck driver being able to disable it. Drivers will sometimes have to rearrange the order of the vehicles on the carrier as well.
  • Get Multiple Quotes - Shopping around is important, especially in the transport industry! Not only because auto shipping companies will have different rates and services, but because these rates can also vary based on availability. Be sure to get a handful of car shipping quotes before making a final decision.
Car Carrier Shipping Companies Maryland Md

Ship Car To Another State - Long Distance Auto Transport to/from Maryland

There isn’t much difference between short and long distance auto transport except for the distance our trucks have to cover. Because of this, motor carrier costs are a bit higher. We must accommodate our drivers’ salaries, their hotel accommodation when necessary and food throughout the trip.

However, these are all costs you would incur too if you tried to drive your automobile on your own. Fortunately, by combining several requests into 1 transport, we can divide the price among our customers. This makes our car shipping rates very reasonable. Our Maryland shipping services may cost even less than driving the car yourself.

International Auto Transport from/to Maryland

A1 Auto Transport can help you speed up your international auto transport. We’ll save you research time by providing the exact list of documents you’ll have to prepare to get across the border. We have a fleet of auto transporters ready to take your car to the nearest dock, and the connections necessary to load your car onto the fastest leaving ship towards your country of choice.

We’ll also help you avoid mistakes, like missing documents or shipping to a country with unusually large import taxes. While you focus on your relocation, we’ll have your car’s shipment handled. We provide car transport in all major cities like Ellicott city, Baltimore Md, Ocean city, West Virginia, Silver spring, etc.

Cheap Car Transportation Options in Maryland

Many customers choose auto transportation services because they lack the time to ship their cars themselves. For long distance car shipping, it’s also more economical to use our auto transport Maryland services.

When using our seasonal offerings, discounts, terminal to terminal and open carrier services, the price of long distance transportation can be even lower than $500. This is because of a well designed system and the nature of these offers.

Open trucks have a larger carrying capacity. Since transportation costs are spread across more customers, they are naturally lower. Because of similar reasons, terminal to terminal services are also cheaper.

When the truck has to go to your delivery location for the pickup, you incur the entire cost driving to it. However, when you take the automobile to a terminal, this price is no longer added to your bill.

Shipping Luxury and Classic Cars in Maryland

Owners of luxury or antique vehicles who need to move their cars to Maryland may opt for enclosed auto carriers, as they offer a quality of service and security that may not be included in the open auto carrier version. You may choose between an exclusive carrier and a multi-car shipping system, both of which house the cargo in a covered truck or trailer. This reduces the risk of auto theft or car damage due to bad road, low hanging trees, narrow streets, or weather conditions.

Top Rated Car Shipping Companies Maryland Md

For low-ground clearance vehicles, enclosed auto carriers provide hydraulic lift gates to load and unload cars. A tracking system enables the carrier to give email or phone updates on your exotic or classic car’s status. These carriers are experts in shipping expensive automobiles and carry a high insurance policy limit.

Maryland Car Transport Services Near Me Special Discounts

Being one of the best car shipping companies, A1 Auto Transport understands the difficult financial situation most students face, so we offer discounts to make transporting a vehicle easier for them. We also give Maryland auto transport discounts to seniors and military personnel. If you’re facing financial problems, but are not part of these groups, you can call our office to inquire about our seasonal discounts, available to everyone.

Vehicle Transport Services Safety Measures in Maryland

The most important factor in ensuring your automobile’s safety during transport is the carrier. Modern carriers permit shipping many cars at a time, and they also fix each one in place so movement is impossible regardless of how bad the road is.

As a client, you can choose between an enclosed and an open carrier depending on the level of safety you want. Enclosed carriers are considered white glove service, since they protect your cargo completely, allowing neither the weather nor potential thieves to access it. This makes sure your car arrived in the same condition from the car transporter.

However, because of this extra protection to ship a car, enclosed trucks are also much more expensive to book. If you’re shipping a normal vehicle, then open carriers may be a better choice. They’re more affordable and offer good protection at reasonable price.

At most, a pebble or some debris may get past the surrounding beams and leave a scratch during the transport services, though this rarely happens. So, you can expect your vehicle to arrive safely and in the same state you’ve left it in.

A-1 Auto Transport Ships Worldwide.

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How to Request a Price Estimate for Auto Shipping

There are a few simple steps you can take to get a price estimate from our auto transport company. First of all, decide on whether you’ll use our online form or call us directly.

Using our online form can be less stressful and involves a lower level of commitment. You’re not taking anyone’s time and you can get a free quote in private. However, if you are determined to transport your vehicle, we recommend calling us directly. This way, we can personalize our service and sometimes even give you a better instant quote.

If you decide to go with the online form, remember to follow it carefully and complete all the fields with correct information. If you’re calling us directly, you may want to set aside around 20-30 minutes in case there’re more things to discuss.

Ship Car To Another State

Transport Car To Another State Maryland

Cost to ship car to another state

If you're shipping your car to or from Maryland, the most important factor affecting the cost is the distance the car needs to travel. The further the distance, the more it will cost to ship the car.

Other factors that can affect shipping costs include the size and weight of the car and any special shipping requirements (e.g., insurance, etc.).

A good online shipping calculator can give you a rough estimate of the cost of shipping your car to or from Maryland. Keep in mind that the final cost may be higher or lower than the estimate, depending on actual shipping conditions.

Interstate towing

If you're looking to have a vehicle towed to or from Maryland, there are a few things you should know.

First, make sure you choose a reputable company that has experience with interstate towing to or from Maryland. A lot of companies out there claim to be able to handle interstate towing, but not all of them provide equal service.

It's also important to keep in mind the different rules and regulations that apply in Maryland and other states. Make sure you're familiar with the laws in both the state you're coming from and the state you're going to. A good shipping company should understand these regulations well.

Transport car to another state

There are a few things to keep in mind when transporting a car to another state from Maryland. First, make sure the car is in good condition and roadworthy. You'll also want to get all the necessary paperwork in order, including a bill of sale and registration. Finally, it's important to plan your route carefully and allow plenty of time for rest stops and emergencies.

Alternatively, you can hire the services of a reputable car shipping company, like A-1 Auto Transport. We'll take care of everything, making the whole process easy for you.

Car Movers Near Me

Car Transport Maryland (MD) Near Me Directory - Car Movers Near Me

Maryland Auto Shipping

Boasting an experienced crew of seasoned vehicle transport experts, Maryland Auto Shipping has local and nationwide auto delivery. They also have expedited Maryland auto transport services, both in-state and long distance, and multi-vehicle discounts with a free car wash.

400 E. Pratt St. #800 Baltimore, MD 21202 (443) 863-6727

ABC Car Transport

ABC, out of Beltsville, specializes in local and long distance car shipping within the United States, as well as international service throughout Canada. They also offer discounts for booking your car shipping online. Get door to door transport services to get your car arrived at the delivery location.

4705 Cardinal Ave. Beltsville, MD 20705

(240) 696-1201

United Road Auto Transport United Road auto transporters have done a good job of leveraging emerging technologies to streamline their car shipping business. They provide electronic invoicing, satellite tracking and real-time updates on the status of all their cargo.

2155 Northbridge Ave. Baltimore, MD 21226

(410) 354-3204

All American Auto Transport

With a fleet of over 500 trucks, All American Auto Transport is an interstate, long distance and international car shipping company. Their auto transport services offer damage free guarantee to ship a car. Insured, bonded and fully licensed auto shippers with great BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited customer reviews.

1700 Saunders Ct. Bethesda, MD 20817

(800) 942-0001

I Want To Ship My Car Maryland Md

Approved Auto Transport

A full-service car transport company, Approved Auto Transport ships virtually any type of vehicle to locations throughout the U.S. They also have a European delivery program that specializes in transferring autos between the United States and Europe using the interstate highways. Get a good job done at an affordable price.

519 S. Ellwood Ave. Baltimore, MD 21224 (877) 587-4285

Door 2 Door Auto Transport

As you’d probably guess from the name, this company specializes in delivering vehicles directly to your door, including pick up from the current location. It’s the ultimate in convenience for customers within the continental U.S.

216 Nanticoke Rd. Essex, MD 21221

(410) 828-1059

Maryland Car Registration

Maryland made it mandatory for all cars circulating on its roads to be legally registered with the MVA office. To get your vehicle registered, you have to bring the following documents at the local Motor Vehicle Administration office: the sale bill, car title, and driver’s license. You must also pay the fee of registration. If you recently took residency in Maryland, or if your car is used or new, you may be required to submit additional documentation.

Please note that once your vehicle is registered with Maryland’s MVA office, you are obliged to keep the registration valid and take care of its renewal in due time.

Registration for New Maryland Residents

Within a period of 60 days since your move to the state of Maryland, you’re obliged to get your vehicles registered at the Motor Vehicle Administration. You can get both your title and registration certificates simultaneously. Make sure to get an inspection of safety done on your vehicle before proceeding to the registration process.

In order to register your car in Maine, you must provide the following paperwork, either by mail or in person:

  • The title of the car issued by the former state of residency;
  • An application form for a title certificate, used for registering and titling your vehicle;
  • The lease contract and receipts of payments made monthly, if your car is leased;
  • A statement of interest filing if you have multiple liens on your car;
  • Power of Attorney, given that you sent someone else to sign for the registration in your place;
  • A certificate from a safety inspection issued by a Maryland inspection station (valid for 3 months after the issue date);
  • Receipt for titling and registration fees, as well as other applicable fees.
Best Car Transport Companies Reddit Maryland Md

Vehicle Registration for Maryland Military Members

Non-resident military members in Maryland: Military members on active duty that aren’t residents of the state don’t need to get their vehicles registered with Maryland’s MVA office. However, service members have to maintain their current insurance policies and registration of the car in their state of residency in order to drive legally on the streets of Maryland.

Non-resident military members that decide to take residency in Maryland have to register their vehicles within the 1st year if they want to benefit of tax credit, otherwise they might receive a citation for delaying the registration too long.

Maryland military members stationed in other states: Military members that are Maryland residents but are stationed in other states should meet the following cumulative requirements in order to get their vehicles registered in MD:

  • Be on active military duty for the U.S.
  • Be stationed in a different state than Maryland.
  • Be a resident of the state of Maryland.
  • Apply for a Maryland vehicle title and an inspection waiver at the same time.

If all the above stated requirements are met, the following paperwork should be submitted in order to register a car in Maryland:

  • A temporary form for an inspection waiver with the sections A through B completed in full.
  • A form of address certification for the employees of the U.S. Government.
  • An application for a title certificate used for the registration and the titling.
  • A car insurance policy.
  • The documents proving the ownership.
  • A sale bill.
  • A statement of odometer disclosure.
  • The lienholder and lien information.
  • Proof of payment for the applicable taxes and fees.

If you choose to register the vehicle in person by going to the local MVA office, you’ll receive your registration and license plates at the moment you hand over the paperwork.

If you are outside of the state and you can’t go in person at an MVA office, you can mail the titling and registration paperwork along with the payment of taxes and fees. In this case, the MVA of Maryland will mail you back the license plates and registration certificate at the address you filled on the form.

Fees of Vehicle Registration in Maryland

To get your car registered in Maryland, you will have to pay a series of fees and taxes, such as a registration fee, titling fee, and a series of applicable taxes.

All cars titled in the state of Maryland have to pay an excise tax of 6%. This percentage is calculated according to the car’s value on the market. The price has to be mentioned in the notarized sale bill submitted for registration.

There are some requirements for automobiles that were titled in other states:

  • For automobiles newer than 7 years for which 6% tax (or more) was paid, a fee of $100 will be paid;
  • For automobiles for which the 6% tax wasn’t paid, the difference in percentage will have to be paid.

If the excise tax is handled using the payments on your leased car, you should provide documentation in order to calculate the tax credit you should receive or the amount of tax you should pay.

Car Inspections in Maryland

Safety inspections and emissions inspections are mandatory in Maryland. The Motor Vehicle Administration will send each owner a reminder roughly 8 weeks prior to the expiration of the inspections’ certificates to have them circulating safely on the state’s roads.

All used vehicles or those coming from outside of the state must have an inspection report for safety. While fees may vary from station to station, each certificate is valid for a period of 90 days maximum after the issued date.

Emissions inspections are not mandatory at the time of registration. The VEIP office will contact car owners after the registration to announce the date by when the car must undergo the emissions testing.

Car Transport Cost Maryland

Services And Information

Other Maryland Resources

Maryland Wikipedia Page - A general overview of the geography, history, and demographics for the state of Maryland.

University of Maryland - UM is the largest university in the state and the Washington Metro area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ship my car to or from Maryland?

What extra services are available to ship my car?

How much does it cost for Maryland Auto Transport?

Are there any cost-saving options in the auto transport industry?

How do I prepare my car for shipment?

How long will it take to ship my car to or from Maryland?

Who regulates car shipping companies in Maryland?

How can I check a Maryland auto transport company’s license?

How do I file a complaint against a Maryland car shipping company?

Popular Shipping Routes

No matter the destination, we're ready for your next move.
Here's our most popular routes from Maryland (MD), USA

Maryland to New York
Baltimore to New York
Frederick to New York
Gaithersburg to New York
Rockville to New York
Bel Air to New York
Bowie to New York
Germantown to New York
Silver Spring to New York
Waldorf to New York
Bethesda to New York
Columbia to New York
Dundalk to New York
Ellicott City to New York
Glen Burnie to New York
Ellicott City to New York
Maryland to Los Angeles
Baltimore to Los Angeles
Frederick to Los Angeles
Gaithersburg to Los Angeles
Rockville to Los Angeles
Bel Air to Los Angeles
Bowie to Los Angeles
Germantown to Los Angeles
Silver Spring to Los Angeles
Waldorf to Los Angeles
Bethesda to Los Angeles
Columbia to Los Angeles
Dundalk to Los Angeles
Ellicott City to Los Angeles
Glen Burnie to Los Angeles
Ellicott City to Los Angeles
Maryland to Chicago
Baltimore to Chicago
Frederick to Chicago
Gaithersburg to Chicago
Rockville to Chicago
Bel Air to Chicago
Bowie to Chicago
Germantown to Chicago
Silver Spring to Chicago
Waldorf to Chicago
Bethesda to Chicago
Columbia to Chicago
Dundalk to Chicago
Ellicott City to Chicago
Glen Burnie to Chicago
Ellicott City to Chicago
Maryland to Houston
Baltimore to Houston
Frederick to Houston
Gaithersburg to Houston
Rockville to Houston
Bel Air to Houston
Bowie to Houston
Germantown to Houston
Silver Spring to Houston
Waldorf to Houston
Bethesda to Houston
Columbia to Houston
Dundalk to Houston
Ellicott City to Houston
Glen Burnie to Houston
Ellicott City to Houston
Maryland to Phoenix
Baltimore to Phoenix
Frederick to Phoenix
Gaithersburg to Phoenix
Rockville to Phoenix
Bel Air to Phoenix
Bowie to Phoenix
Germantown to Phoenix
Silver Spring to Phoenix
Waldorf to Phoenix
Bethesda to Phoenix
Columbia to Phoenix
Dundalk to Phoenix
Ellicott City to Phoenix
Glen Burnie to Phoenix
Ellicott City to Phoenix
Maryland to Philadelphia
Baltimore to Philadelphia
Frederick to Philadelphia
Gaithersburg to Philadelphia
Rockville to Philadelphia
Bel Air to Philadelphia
Bowie to Philadelphia
Germantown to Philadelphia
Silver Spring to Philadelphia
Waldorf to Philadelphia
Bethesda to Philadelphia
Columbia to Philadelphia
Dundalk to Philadelphia
Ellicott City to Philadelphia
Glen Burnie to Philadelphia
Ellicott City to Philadelphia
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