Boat Transport Interstate

If you purchased a boat, you may need to ship it from the place you purchased it from to the place you plan to put it in water. You will want to hire an expert shipping agent like A1 Auto Transport Service to ship that boat for you. Once you schedule the time, you will need to prepare the boat for shipment which can include securing any items that may be loose. This will keep the ship from being damaged during transport and from causing damage to another.

Before you being, you will want to ask your local marina or boat yard about any questions you may have on what they recommend when preparing a boat for shipping. Once A1 Auto Transport Service is hired, you will want to be sure that you know what to expect from the transportation process. You will want to communicate often with the boat moves in order to safely deliver the boat where it needs to go.


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Boat Transportation Insurance.

Once you determine the transportation company you feel the most comfortable with, for Boat Transport Interstate you will want to review the insurance coverage you have with them. You can verify coverage through the Department of Transportation’s SAFER System. You should also obtain the documentation listing the coverages already in force. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires that all transporters legally capable of transporting in the United States and other countries have a minimum amount of insurance and they are able to provide the customer with the written proof they need to verify that insurance coverage. You need to see the proof in your hands to acknowledge the coverage that you have.

A1 Auto Transport Company will work with you for Boat Transport Interstate without delay. You can check out this company by contacting the Better Business Bureau. This company works hard to ensure that customers are always satisfied with the way they do business.

Preparing your boat for Transport.

Before you are ready to ship the boat down the road, you will need to do a few things to get it ready for shipping. If you have any questions, you will want to get the answers to them before you begin the process in order to make the right decision as you go. However, if you have questions in the process, you will need to ask them as they arise. Here are the basic instructions on prepping for Boat Transport Interstate:

  • Drain all but one-fourth tank of gas from the fuel tank.
  • Disconnect any electrical systems such as alarms.
  • Remove any loose items on the outside of the vehicles including electronics, antennas, anchors, propellers. Flag masts and valuables.
  • Secure your windows, hatches, and doors inside the boat.
  • Measure your boat with accuracy.

Calculate the size of the boat.

In order to measure your both, you will first need to measure the vessel length. This measurement is taken from the front of the bow to the middle of the stern. This is extremely important to get right in order to transport it correctly. You will then need to measure the vessel height. This is measured from the Keel or lower part of the structural beam to the highest part of the vessel. Remove any parts on the boat that may be removable. To measure the vessel width, you will need to measure the distance between the widest parts of the vessel. Be sure to include any railings or attachments that are on the boat.

The boat will most likely be oversized and there are a few factors that should be considered when transporting large boats. You will need to expect delays in certain states because big boats will be required to be off the roads during certain hours of the day. This means that the driver will need to park the truck and wait for the next morning to start out again.  Be sure to know how much insurance is offered in order to have the right amount should something go wrong.

Since your boat is an investment, you want to put it in the hands of a company that you know will take good care of it. The boat will be protected during the entire transport process, including the times it is parked at night. Some boats are shrink wrapped when transported however there is a chance that the shrink wrap will tear and come loose, sending it flying in the air while in transport. This could lead to some extent of damage too.

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