Boat Shipping Florida to Australia

If you are in the market for a new boat, you may want to consider importing boats which can save you lots of money and give you more of a selection to choose from. Boats can reduce the cost because it eliminates the middle and puts you in total control of everything.


Whether you want to buy a boat at an auction or whether you want to transport a boat you own, you can do all of that through importing. A few of the most common reasons for importing a boat from the United States to Australia include:

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  • A wider selection of boats and yachts to choose from.
  • There are no duties for importing an American manufactured boat or yacht due to the United States and Australia Free Trade Agreement, or USFTA.
  • Boats are yachts are not as expensive in the United States as they are in Australia.

To make this process work, you will first need to find a boat or yacht that you like in the United States. Get a pre-purchase report on that boat or yacht before you purchase it. This report is provided by an independent marine surveyor which can be found in the United States. There are two to choose from; SAMS or NAMS.

Insurance for your Boat or Yacht.

You will need to protect your investment from damage or theft while it’ sin transit. Theft and damage is not a common thing to see on a Roll On/ Roll Off shipping method and it’s even less of a chance for boats or yachts. Container shipping is another option for shipping which protections your boat or yacht from any elements of weather or theft. If for any reason damage does happen to your boat or yacht, you will want to make sure that there is some type of report filed to ensure that you will be paid for any damages done quickly and efficiently.

Import Duties, Taxes, and Permits for Importing Boats.

If a yacht or boat is transported from the United States to Australia, you can be sure that there isn’t any import duty charged on it. You must be aware that if you purchase a boat or yacht in the United States and it is made in a foreign country, you will be charged import duty at the interest rate of FOB 5% cost which is the basic value of the boat and the freight cost which includes the inland transport or repair done to the boat. USA-manufactured boats that are imported to Australia other will also be charged a 5% import duty.

There is also a 10% GST that is applied to all shipment of boats and yachts based on the CIF value which is the costs of the boats or yacht, with the cost of insurance, and all the freight charges incurred in addition to the inland transport or repairs done to the boat. The total amount due will depend on the day that your boat is sent out from the United States.

If a boat or yacht is purchased second hand, then it will be inspected by the Australian Quarantine and you will be charged a minimum amount of $139 for the inspection there. You will also need to pay any additional fees that would be charged in order to clean your boat. If your boat or yacht has an air conditioning unit, you will need to have a permit from the government in order to get your boat in Australia. You will need to remove the gasses from the unit in order to ship it. If you don’t, your cost to ship it will be very expensive.

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