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What you need to know when shipping your car from the U.S. to Canada

Shipping A Car To Canada


Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • Shipping a car to Canada from the U.S. can be very inexpensive, or somewhat pricey.
  • It mostly comes down to where in the U.S. you’re shipping from and where in Canada you’re shipping to. For most of our customers, the transport costs fall between $700 and $2,500, with the higher prices being those shipments that are furthest away. 

If you need to get your vehicle shipped from the United States to Canada, you’ll probably want to arrange the shipment on a door-to-door basis. That means that your vehicle would be picked up at your home and carried on a cargo truck to the destination province of your choice. 

If you decide against door-to-door, the alternative would be terminal-to-terminal, and in that scenario, you would be required to drop off your vehicle at a point convenient to the shipper, from where it would be transported to the destination terminal. In some cases, special arrangements can be made, but this would have to be something you come to an agreement on with your shipper.

You’ll want to be sure and hire a carrier that’s familiar with Canadian Customs in order to avoid any hang-ups when entering the country. It won’t hurt for you to be familiar with the regulations imposed by the Canadian Agency for Transport as well.

Popular Shipping Destinations:

Cost Of Shipping A Car To Canada

The price of shipping/exporting your vehicle to Canada will depend on a few things, and once you’ve decided how you want to go about them, your carrier can probably give you a fairly accurate quote. For instance, you’ll have to decide whether you want to ship/export your vehicle on an open transport or an enclosed one. The open transport will be cheaper, since it can be shared with several other vehicles to help defray the overall cost.

It will also make a difference where you are shipping your vehicle from and where it is going to, since the total mileage involved will be tied to the fuel and driver costs. The time of year may play a part in the total cost as well, if a winter time shipment is being considered. Generally there are fewer winter shipments into the northern provinces, so there are fewer vehicles to help lower the overall costs.

One of the most important factors in working up a quote will be the vehicle itself. The size of the vehicle matters because its length determines how much space it will take up on a transport carrier, and the weight is important because the combined weight of all vehicles being carried must remain within international shipping limitations.


When you have a vehicle shipped to Canada from the United States, it has to be considered an admissible import by the Canadian Registrar for Imported Vehicles. This might be worth checking out as soon as you start thinking about shipping your vehicle, because they may not allow certain kinds of vehicles into the country. Others may be allowed in only after certain modifications have been applied. Either way, you’ll want to know all that up front. Your original title of ownership or a certified copy must be sent to the appropriate border crossing within 72 hours of the time the carrier crosses the border.

Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Canada 

  1. Original bill of lading (BOL)
  2. Bill of sale/purchase invoice
  3. Competed EPA emissions form (3520-1)
  4. DOT form HS-7
  5. Personal identification 

Vehicle Preparation

When the time for shipping arrives, you’ll have to do a few things to prepare your vehicle. First, make sure it’s clean inside and out, because it will be going through an inspection. This means there cannot be any personal items in the vehicle other than a spare tire and jack. The foot brake and the emergency brake must both be operational and in good condition. The vehicle’s gas tank must be ¼ full, and the vehicle’s auto insurance must be either inside the vehicle or carried by yourself or shipper at time of inspection.


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