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Shipping a car to Quebec from the United States.

There’s a lot on your plate when you’re planning an international move – the last thing you have time for is wading through rules and regulations, trying to understand how to import your vehicle. Let A-1 Auto Transport relieve you. With decades of experience in shipping vehicles to Quebec and across the rest of Canada, we are prepared not only to provide excellent shipping services but also to walk you through the whole importation process.

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Quebec City is one of Canada’s largest, and an important transportation hub. The Port of Quebec is Canada’s oldest and second-largest, greeting upwards of 1,400 ships a year. Autoroutes and railways provide connecting service to transport goods further inland, as well as direct links to US cities.

Documents Needed.

Fortunately, you won’t need much in the way of elaborate paperwork to get the importation process started, but do ensure you bring the following two items:

  • A notarized copy of your passport or other photo ID.
  • The vehicle’s original title, or a DMV-certified copy.
Get Started from Home.

You can complete the following checks and preparations easily, before the shipping process even begins.

  • Make certain that all brakes are functioning as they should.
  • Check for fuel or oil leaks, and leave a small amount of fuel in the tank (around 25% of capacity is usually recommended).
  • Get the battery up to a full charge, and switch off the alarm systems to prevent it from draining during transit.
  • Remove personal items from the vehicle, and take down any external fixtures that may be protruding.
  • Finally, give the car a thorough scrubbing and vacuuming, so that it’s prepared to undergo inspection at the border.
Select Shipping and Delivery Styles.

You’ll have the choice between roll-on/roll-off shipping and container shipping. The former is a form of open shipping, where vehicles sit directly aboard the carrier and are simply driven on or off. This is the most popular choice for shipping, as it mixes cost-efficiency with excellent reliability and safety.

Container shipping is not without its own merits, however. By placing vehicles in cargo containers, they are offered unparalleled levels of protection from the elements and other risk factors. This is a popular choice for those with particularly valuable vehicles – especially antiques.

For pickup and delivery, you can select between two options as well. Door-to-door shipping gets you pickup service right to your doorstep, and delivery to the location of your choice within Quebec. If you’d prefer to drop the car off at the departure terminal and pick it up onsite after arrival, terminal-to-terminal­ shipping can save you the additional expense.

Rules and Regulations at Customs.

The Canadian Customs website provides a full rundown of the importation process, but you’ll definitely want to note the points below:

  • You’re required to submit a copy of the title to the border station at least 72 hours in advance of your vehicle’s arrival.
  • Check the Canadian Registrar of Imported Vehicles to ensure your vehicle meets Canadian standards for emissions and other factors.

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