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Transport a Car to the Caribbean

Transport a Car to the Caribbean The act of shipping a car to the Caribbean is a job that’s best left to an international auto transport company. Make sure that you hire a car shipper with international transport experience and that they are constantly in touch with the changes made to foreign import policies. They should maintain a positive reputation with the BBB and carry all other local, state and federal licensing and certifications. The Caribbean’s import policies are a little less strict than most other nations. Nevertheless, you must abide by the standards and restrictions set by the country…

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Ship Car To Dominica

Ship Your Car To Or From Dominica Shipping a car, no matter where you decide to ship it in the world, follows a similar pattern. There are specific things you will want to know if you want to make the process easier. Shipping a car from the United States to the United Kingdom is similar to shipping a car to the Caribbean islands. The only major differences you will face are local regulations that are in place. The island of Dominica, located in the Caribbean islands, is no different. If you need a car shipped to Dominica, look no further…

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Basics Of International Car Shipping

The Basics Of International Car Shipping | Overseas Auto Transport Shipping a car internationally is, in many respects, not much different from doing so within the U.S. One of the main differences involve the method of transport that is used: most international car shipping is done by boat. Specifically, a cargo boat designed to move cars, or in a shipping container with other goods being transported around the world. The basic steps to having a car shipped overseas are as follows: Contacting a shipper or shipping company to compare pricing. Decide on the best option and sign a shipping agreement….

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International Car Shipping Rates Calculator

International Car Shipping Rates Calculator When it comes to shipping your car, usually only one thing matters. How much is this going to cost me? There are many factors that go into calculating shipping rates. In this article, we will discuss eight of the most common ones that you can expect. This way, once you decide to ship your car internationally, you will have a better understanding of why your car shipping rates cost what they do, and how you can lower them. Is your car operational? If your car is not operational, it will not be as cost-effective to…

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Shipping Trucks Overseas

Shipping Trucks Overseas Are you looking to ship your truck overseas? Take a deep breath. We’re going to help you get through this as quickly as possible. The process you will use to ship your truck overseas will primarily depend on the size and dimensions of the truck you are hoping to ship. As a rule, larger, heavier trucks will be more difficult and more expensive to ship. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that small and medium-sized trucks share similar dimensions and weight to most passenger cars. Because of this, they are usually a little cheaper to ship overseas….

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Africa?

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Africa? Shipping a car overseas can be quite the process. Shipping a car to Africa, especially, can be even more of an ordeal if you are not prepared. Africa is far away, there are a lot of complex rules to consider, and you have to make sure your shipment has all the proper paperwork. In this article, we will walk you through the steps you need to know before shipping your car. As always, the best thing to do once you have this information is to get help from an…

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Ship car to Bali

Ship car to Bali: Terminology and Rates Before deciding to ship car to Bali, it’s helpful to understand the shipping terminology and rates involved. Transporting rates depend on supply and demand. Some busy ports and rarely used routes may have sky high prices compared to others. Rates may vary according to season and inflate along with oil prices. Who you Have to Pay for Your Transport To ship car to Bali, you will have to pay: The auto transport company shipping your vehicle; The ocean rates, paid directly to your shipping line; The loading / unloading ports’ clearing and handling…

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Importing a Vehicle Into USA from Canada

Importing a Vehicle Into USA from Canada A vehicle with a Canadian License can be kept in the United States for no more than a year unless you permanently import it. Keeping it longer in the U.S. may lead to it being seized. To keep it permanently in the U.S. the importation process must be finished before the end of the year. Cost & Time Examples for Import a Car from From/To Ocean Ground Estimated Time Canada to (California port) to Dallas, TX $900 $1,025 12+7 days Canada to (California port) to San Jose, CA $700 $200 12+5 days Canada…

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Importing a race car into the US

Importing a race car into the US When importing a race car into the US, the first thing you must take into consideration are the requirements of the Federal Government. These are requirements of: The NHTSA THE EPA The US ICE / Customs / Homeland Security To import an automobile legally in the eyes of the NHTSA, you need to fill a HS7 form. On it, you have a series of boxes / options for the imported automobile. For race / off-highway vehicles there are boxes 7 and 8. Box 7 confirms your automobile is not built according to FMVSS,…

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Importing a Car into USA from UK

Importing a Car into USA from UK UK vehicle options quite often differ from the ones in America. Even similar cars and vehicles, from the same model line and manufacturer can have features unique to its country of origin. When importing a car into USA from UK, the logistical problems you must solve compared to the US can be substantial. For an overview of the requirements and steps of importing a vehicle from the UK, read on. Choose the Vehicle and Verify Emissions If you plan on importing a car into USA from the UK, you’ve probably thought of a…

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How Much Would It Cost to Ship a Car to South America?

How Much Would It Cost to Ship a Car to South America? Shipping a car through a licensed transport company is the safest and most affordable way to have a car relocated to South America or anywhere else in the world. Anytime you need to ship a vehicle to another country, you must abide by the import policies of that nation. Experienced international auto transporters will have the knowledge and ability to help you comply with these regulations. The cost of shipping a car to South America is dependent on a lot of things and any transporter you go to…

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Moving Antique Cars from USA to Canada

Moving Antique Cars from USA to Canada The most successful and affordable way to ship a car to Canada is by hiring an auto transport company with a history in international transports. Using the latest shipping equipment and guaranteeing the condition of your antique car through insurance coverage, are just a few of the perks provided through a reliable shipping company. Trying to relocate an antique car is risky without the proper tools and training. In fact, it may even cost you more to ship the vehicle without the help of professionals. The process of shipping antique cars to Canada…

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Know Your Rights: What To Expect of Your Shipping Company When Shipping A Vehicle Overseas

What To Expect of Your Shipping Company When Shipping A Vehicle Overseas When you are shipping a vehicle overseas, it is important to take the time to choose a company that suits your needs in terms of price and shipping options. While many auto shipping companies are reputable and will not take advantage of unknowing consumers, there are those that will. This is why understanding consumer protections and rights are essential when shipping one of your most valuable possessions: your car. Here are a few tips on what to expect of your chosen auto transport company: Get everything in writing:…

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International Vehicle Shipping – The Process…and The Paperwork: What You Need To Know

The Process and The Paperwork of International Vehicle Shipping Shipping a vehicle domestically comes with its own amount of process, but sending a car across the ocean is an entirely different transport beast to tame. The process and the paperwork is different because international shipping means crossing borders into other countries and adhering to logistical nuances that don’t apply domestically. While it may seem prudent to work with a company already in the country of origin, this can be a riskier endeavor than necessary. Rather, it is easier and more sensible to work with an auto transport company domestically that…

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International Travel In An Recreational Vehicle: Why You Need Your RV On Your Next International Trip

Why You Need Your RV On Your Next International Trip There are numerous modes of travel in which to see the world, particularly overseas. People travel by plane, boat and car from country to country to explore all that the world has to offer. However, there is no other mode of transportation as rewarding and convenient as that of a recreational vehicle. For most, the thought of traveling in an RV is one restricted to stateside endeavors. The adage of the family traveling camping out from state park to state park is the very vision of Americana. However, RVs are…

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How To Prepare Your Classic Car For International Shipping

Prepare Your Classic Car For International Shipping Classic cars require a lot time, effort and good old-fashioned hard work to keep them in peak condition. Given the effort expended on these vehicles, cost is not often the first consideration when shipping them overseas. It comes down to quality of the transport company. However, preparation is key on behalf of the owner is as well. Preparing your classic car for international shipping is key to a successful transport. Consider a few tips to ensure a smooth process: Gas up: Ensure that your vehicle has just enough gas to get to the…

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Dos and Don’ts of International Vehicle Shipping: What To Leave – and What To Stow

International Vehicle Shipping: Dos and Don’ts Shipping your vehicle overseas comes with a number of key considerations. From cost to paperwork to everything in between, it may seem as though there are a million questions to be answered. To help navigate the process, here are some do’s and don’ts of international shipping to better answer the question of what to leave and what to stow: DO remove all attachments from the vehicle that didn’t originally come with it. Auto shipping companies take extreme care with your vehicle, but attachments often aren’t as secure and may fall off during the bumps…

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Air or Sea: Which Mode of Transport Is Right For Your International Shipping Needs?

Air or Sea Transport For International Shipping? Shipping a vehicle is a complex process with many ways to come to the same result. This is particularly so for international vehicle shipping because there are two options by which this can happen: air or sea. Air is less commonly used for auto shipping because the cost is so significantly prohibitive. Shipping companies often prefer sea travel because it allows for the shipment of more than one vehicle at a time, resulting in cost savings for consumers. Here is a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of shipping a vehicle via air…

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Import Vehicle Into USA From Finland

Importing Vehicles Into USA From Finland When thinking about importing vehicles from Finland or any other country, people prioritize the customs fees and regulations involved. However, the most crucial part of the import vehicle into USA from Finland process is transport. Have you thought about your transport options? Have you found an auto transport company? Do you even know where to find auto transporters who ship from Finland to the US? Read on to find out more on how to transport vehicles from Finland to the USA. Cost & Time Examples for Import a Car from Finland From/To Ocean Ground…

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Import Vehicle Into USA From Norway

Importing Vehicles Into USA From Norway Norway is a Scandinavian country with close relationships with the US. Among the services residents from both countries seek is car importation. To undertake the process successfully, you have to understand the export requirements, vehicle import regulations, and duties to be paid. Also, you need to find a reliable car shipping company to transport your car across the waters or via air. So, if you are planning to import vehicle into USA from Norway, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out more. Cost & Time Examples for Import a…

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Import Vehicle Into USA From Denmark

Importing Vehicles Into USA From Denmark International car shipping between America and European countries is common. Americans often have to go to the European nation of Denmark for work and business purposes. Similarly, people in this Nordic European nation relocate temporarily or permanently to the US. As a result, these travelers at some point import vehicles into the USA from Denmark. Unfortunately, seas separate Europe and America. So, to import vehicle into USA from Denmark, you need air or water transport. An International car carrier can help with the transport. Read on to find out what the importation process involves….

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Import Vehicle Into USA From Ireland

Importing Vehicles Into USA From Ireland Ireland is largely an export economy that sells various products to different countries around the world. So far, USA has been one of its top export destinations resulting in strong trade ties between the two countries. When it comes to vehicles, many are shipped to neighboring EU states. Those that bring in cars do so for reasons work-related or personal. Even so, importing cars to the US from Ireland is possible if you have the right information. Some of the steps that have to be fulfilled to import vehicle into USA from Ireland are…

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Import Vehicle Into USA From Iceland

Importing Vehicles Into USA From Iceland Are you planning to import vehicle into USA from Iceland? One of the international car shipping services we offer is shipping from Iceland to the USA. The process involves preparing the proper paperwork and dealing with customs regulations in both countries. We are an experienced international shipper because we know how to deal with the legal and logistical challenges involved in the process. Cost & Time Examples for Import a Car from Iceland From/To Ocean Ground Estimated Time Reykjavík to (New York port) to New York, NY $2600 $275 15+5 days Reykjavík to (California…

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Import Vehicle Into USA From The UK

Importing Vehicles Into USA From The UK In 2016, the United States overtook China as the largest importer of vehicles from the UK. The country has seen a record high in exports which is attributed to the international appeal of car brands manufactured in Britain. Some of the popular car brands exported into the US includes Range Rover, Jaguar, and Land Rover. Even so, getting a car imported into the US involves a unique process that needs to be well understood if it is to be successful. If you are to have a car shipped from the UK into USA,…

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Import Vehicle Into USA From The Netherlands

Importing Vehicles Into USA From The Netherlands Vehicle exports took up 4.3% of the total global shipments from The Netherlands in 2016. The country, which exports a number of goods, has seen a rise in sales within the automotive industry as compared to previous years. The main reason for increase in vehicle exports is due to the elimination of tax obligations of goods bought from the country. Some of the well-known car brands in the country are Volvo and Mitsubishi which are quite affordable driving up the demand to import vehicle into USA from the Netherlands. To get your car…

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