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Shipping a Car to Vancouver from the United States.  

Relocating to a new country is exciting, but can also be challenging – particularly when you’re bringing a vehicle along. Legal jargon and opaque regulations make it hard to determine just what you need to do to get past the border, and what it will cost in taxes. Fortunately, the experts at A-1 Auto Transport have decades of experience in navigating these hurdles and shipping your vehicle in a timely manner. Read on to see what you need to know about the Canadian entry process.

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The coastal city of Vancouver in British Columbia is Western Canada’s most populous, and a highly popular destination for expats of all nationalities. Here you’ll find Port Metro Vancouver, the largest and busiest in Canada (and one of the largest in all of North America), with international sea lines, railways, and roadways providing easy shipping from anywhere in the US.


Certain documentation is required to process the entry of vehicles into Canada. Be sure to bring along:

  • The original title of the vehicle (or a DMV-certified copy).
  • Passport.
Shipping to Vancouver.

A form of open shipping, roll-on/roll-off shipping sees vehicles driven directly aboard large ships or carriers. They are then secured into place by restrictive straps. At the destination, vehicles are driven back off in a similar manner.

Container shipping is a form of enclosed shipping where the car is, predictably, loaded into cargo containers – which are then locked in place much like in roll-on/roll-off shipping. Though not everyone will require use of shipping containers, they will provide additional protection for those concerned about highly valuable vehicles.

As for delivery, select between door-to-door shipping (pickup and delivery directly from the locations of your choosing), and terminal-to-terminal shipping (in which you’ll drop off the vehicle at the port of departure and pick it up onsite in Vancouver).

Guidelines for Preparing the Car.

Take a few minutes to ready the car, motorcycle, or another motor vehicle for shipping:

  • Wash and clean the car, inside as well as outside. Any lingering organic matter can get your vehicle held up at the border.
  • Ensure that the battery has a full charge and that alarms systems are disabled to prevent drainage.
  • Unfortunately, the vehicle cannot be used as a shipping container. Please remove all personal belongings.
  • Check for leakage of fluids like oil and coolant. Please leave the fuel tank roughly one-quarter full.
  • Take down any detachable accessories, and retract the vehicle’s antenna.
Customs Requirements.

Here are a couple of crucial things to know regarding Canadian importation rules. View the Canadian Customs website for a detailed list.

  • Due to emissions regulations and other policies, entry of certain vehicles may be restricted. Take a look at the Canadian Registrar of Imported Vehicles to ensure that yours is permissible.
  • As per the US Customs 72 Hour Export Law, you’ll need to submit a copy of the car’s title to the border crossing station at least 72 hours before passing through.

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