Why You Should Use a Credit Card to Pay for Auto Transport

There are many ways to save on auto transport, but not all of the ways may be realistic for you. For example, those that ship multiple vehicles or are constantly using auto transport services can save money on volume discounts. However, the majority of people that use an auto transport service will just need to ship one car for the foreseeable future. But while your options are limited, there is one surefire way to protect yourself from fraud and to save money on auto transport, which is to use cash rewards or travel rewards credit card. Here’s some advice:

Don’t Pay With Cash

It’s becoming less common these days, but many people still pay for auto transport directly with cash, such as through a bank transfer, a check, a money order, or a debit card, instead of paying with a credit card. But you shouldn’t if you don’t have to. Paying with cash can be much riskier, and it doesn’t earn you any reward points! If the auto transport company allows you to pay the deposit or part of the fee with a credit card, you should do so.

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Credit Cards Are the Safer Option

Paying with credit cards is the much safer option. The majority of credit card providers offer fraud protection in which there’s a $0 liability guarantee. This means that, should you be charged fees by an auto transport company that you did not agree to or for a service that was not either provided or completed sufficiently, you can file a claim with your bank. In most instances, they’ll credit the charges back to your account so that you’re not on the hook for anything. If you pay with cash, you won’t have the same protection.

Time to Earn!

There are plenty of credit cards that reward you for every dollar that you spend. While some offer 1% back on every dollar, many offer 2% and more. It may not seem like much, but it’ll add up, especially if you’re paying for auto transport, which can cost in the hundreds or even thousands depending on the distance and circumstances of your order.

While cash back credit cards are a great option, you should also consider travel reward credit cards. Many offer a bonus of 2% to 3% for “travel expenses,” which auto transport can qualify for. You can choose to redeem your reward points for statement credit or for travel credit, flights, hotels, etc… Many points are worth even more if you choose to redeem them for travel.

Check the Auto Transport Company’s Payment Policy

More and more auto transport companies are accepting credit cards as a form of payment, but not all of them allow you to pay the whole amount that way. You should check with them first to see how much of the cost you can put on your credit card. Some may only allow you to pay the deposit with your credit card, while others will allow you to pay the full amount with it.

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