What Should Be Loaded First Into The Truck and Why

What Should Be Loaded First Into The Truck and Why

Loading and packing your belongings into a moving truck can be a tricky affair especially when you do not understand the dynamics. Your primary concern is that your possessions arrive at the new locale intact. However, before you start placing boxes on trolleys, consider developing a loading plan. The purpose is so that you maximize the available space. You also minimize chances of things getting damaged while the truck is in motion. Moving companies can avail different sizes of vehicles depending on the items you intend to carry. Popular variants are the 16 and cubic foot sizes.



Start with the heaviest stuff

Load items like the washing machine and refrigerator which are heavy and bulky. You should defrost your fridge at least a day or two before a move. At the same time, these should remain upright and on opposite sides of the truck. Giving these items priority ensures that you maximize space and spread weight evenly at the back of the van for safe driving.

Furniture comes next

Bring in large furniture pieces like the entertainment unit, dining table, chairs and the living room sofa. Prepare the surface by laying a blanket on the truck’s floor. Follow it up with mattresses but fasten them to the sides. Load other furniture items like mirrors and dressing tables after the big pieces. Protect things made of wood from damage by covering them with padding.

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Long items

After securely loading heavy furniture, move items such as desks, dressers and other pieces with drawers. Arrange cupboards such that their drawers face the moving truck walls. That way, if they open, they hit against the padding and do not open too much.

Heavy boxes

Select all boxes of a similar size and start packing them. The heaviest should be at the bottom, medium weight in the middle followed by the light cartons. Stack them on top of each other that their heaviness is in three layers. Also put packages with a similar height together. To spread the load evenly, start packing them from the front of the container to the back.

Other items

Pack all the remaining belongings by squeezing them into any available space. Things like ironing boards, shoes, and hangers can comfortably fit between the boxes. Also load non-fragile items such as bags containing towels, blankets, curtains, and clothes into the remaining space. You will be surprised at the number of things you can put into those gaps.

Even when professional movers are helping you load household goods into their truck, there is a system to follow. Start with the heavy items then arrange pieces of furniture. You can also disassemble beds and tables to preserve space. Long articles should follow by fitting them in between the large furniture. Next are the moving boxes which must be properly labeled. Stack them in layers beginning with the heaviest at the bottom and the lightest at the top. Finish off by loading the rest of the items.

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