What Is the Best Transport Method for Shipping My Car to Qatar?

The securest and ultimately greatest way to ship a car to Qatar from the United States is through container shipping methods. This shipping service provides the greatest security for the vehicle.

The car is kept inside a large container aboard the ship, keeping it sheltered from outdoor hazards during the transport.

Container shipping is favored by customers paying to ship luxury, antique or other high-value vehicles. It is also the only transport service that allows the customer to ship their household goods along with the car. Choose a container size just large enough to fit your property. You can fill the interior of your car with belongings to utilize the space more wisely.


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Are There Different Container Sizes?

Most overseas transporters have several container sizes to offer their customers. A shipping representative can help you select a size appropriate for a number of items you’re shipping to the country with the car. However, even the smallest container size might have more space than you can fill. In this case, try to split the cost of the service by sharing it with someone else relocating to Qatar.

Call the Embassy of Qatar for any import restrictions as well as the tax and duty rates. The taxes charged by the country for the import aren’t associated with the shipping service costs. Pay all tax and duty charges in full and take the receipt to Customs with all other documents requested. If all is presented properly, you are granted a certificate of import approval and the car can begin its journey with the professionals.


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