Using FedEx Auto Transport

When you have to ship your car or vehicle within a specified period of time, go to Fedex auto transport.  You can be sure that your car will be delivered to you as soon as possible.  They specialize in reliable, fast and speedy deliveries and you are sure to get nationwide coverage.

  Cost of Using FedEx Auto Transport.

 The cost will vary mostly upon the weight of the vehicle and so an SUV will cost more than an average sized car.  The cost will also depend upon the distance to be transported and so longer the distance, the more the cost.  There are also various other factors such as the type of delivery and the destination that will affect the final bill.

About FedEx.

 Fedex has a very extensive fleet comprising of many car transport companies who use only experienced personnel to handle their transportations.

Time taken for deliveries:

  • When the move is from one coast to another it might take one or two weeks.
  • When it is from the Midwest to East coast then it might take only 5-8 days.
  • When the car has to be moved from South to North then you can expect 5-8 days for delivery.


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Type of Delivery.

 Fedex uses both closed and open carriers where the closed is the more expensive one.  Most people go in for the cheaper open carriers as they are willing to see a little dust on their car and do not mind a little risk.  However, when you are transporting rare and vintage cars, you are advised to take a closed carrier which will offer a lot more protection than an open one.  Also closed carriers have more experience carrying expensive cars and so will know better than open carriers how to handle your car.

International Transport Using FedEx.

 Use Fedex auto transport for international shipments as they will take care of handling all your documents and customs clearances.  However make sure that all your documents such as ownership Title, any liens documents, and other insurance papers are ready and submitted at least 3 days before exportation.  If you wish to handle the customs, you are free to do so or you can mention in your contract that you wish the shipping company to handle the details for you.

International Transportation Charges.

 The company will inform you beforehand of all the charges that you might have to pay for international transport.  You can also do your homework and check with the consulate of the foreign country about the various charges that you might be asked to pay.  Check out for any duties and levies that you might have to know about.

Before Delivery Inspection.

 Fedex will inspect your vehicle before they take it for delivery. So make sure that the car is clean so that they can inspect for dents and scratches.  This is to ensure that in the rare case the car gets damaged, Fedex will take responsibility for the damages.  However, if the car gets damaged while sitting idly in a parking lot while under the care of a Fedex carrier, then your damages will get covered by your insurance itself.

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