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Joe brought me peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough for being so reliable and trustworthy

Joe brought me peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough for being so reliable and trustworthy

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Sterling Transportation Reviews

What's in this article?
  1. Services Offered By The Company And Sterling Transportation Reviews
  2. Brokerage Service
  3. Additional Capacity
  4. Flexibility
  5. Convenience
  6. Heavy Hauling Service
  7. The Risk Of Damage Will Be Less
  8. Time-Saving
  9. Competitive Rates
  10. Safety
  11. They Will Take Care Of All The Paperwork
  12. Careful Route Planning
  13. Efficiency Matters
  14. Offers Expertise
  15. Sterling Transportation Reviews Section
  16. Review 1
  17. Review 2
  18. What Is Fuel Surcharge, And How Does It Affect Your Move?
  19. Ftl Vs Ltl
  20. Ftl (Full Truckload)
  21. Ltl (Less Than Truckload)
  22. Type Of Transportation Sterling Transportation Offers
  23. Air Transport
  24. Ocean Transport
  25. Land Transport
Sterling Transportation Reviews

Finding a reliable transportation service is never easy. For perfect shipping, the company must have the right equipment, professional team, and distribution network to ensure that the products arrive safely within the specific time frame.

It takes a lot of time and is stressful when things go wrong, and your schedule gets disturbed. But, don't worry, you have come to the right place for good advice.

Sterling Transportation, However, is one of the best transportation services (Check Sterling Transportation reviews, and you'll know why we have marked them as one of the best transportation services)!

This article will discuss Sterling Transportation Service in detail and why we recommend it.

Services Offered by the Company and Sterling Transportation Reviews

Sterling Transportation offers various types of services, but the two main ones are

  • Brokerage Service
  • Heavy Haul Service

Let's dig into their detail:

Brokerage Service

Freight brokers help connect companies that need to send cargo (Shipper) with companies that can transport the cargo (Carrier). They act as a bridge in between.

Brokers can help shippers find drivers, making the process simpler.

Carriers rely on brokers to provide business leads because pages will be able to keep their trucks working and generate good income from them.

The broker charges the shipper more than what they pay the carrier. This difference is called the brokerage fee.

Brokerage services have become a big part of the shipping industry. People use them to ship things from one place to another.

They have pros and cons that shippers should consider when deciding whether to use them. You must be cautious and vigilant.


There are various benefits that people can get from brokerage services. Some of them are discussed below:

Additional Capacity:

Sometimes, companies need to transport products more than they planned. However, this is often because of the season, a holiday, or other special events.

That's why it has become essential for companies to have extra capacity to transport all their products at once.

So, if a shipper is having difficulty arranging the extra space in a trailer, then a traditional freight broker may be helpful.

Brokers understand the capacity situation and can aid in getting you the extra space you need in a trailer.

They may also be able to find a carrier who is willing to transport your products at a lower rate. The best part is that they are good in negotiations too.


Most shippers contract with a specific carrier to transport their freight. But sometimes, if the market shifts, shippers may need to look for alternatives. A backup plan is always essential.

Suppose, in a market where the price of trucks to transport goods increases, shippers may find that their contracted carriers will not accept their shipments.

So, the brokers can save the day if a load needs to be transported, but no trucks are available. Through their contacts, they can arrange for a car to transport the freight, but it will cost more money.


A freight brokerage needs to focus on customer experience. That's because customers are what keep the business going.

The broker in the middle should do everything possible to make the experience easy for customers.

It includes handling problems quickly during the loading and unloading of the shipment.

Your freight broker is responsible for ensuring your product arrives safely and on time.

Freight brokerage personnel are experts in shipping. They know all the drawbacks and efficiency of this process, so they can help you with the paperwork, find truckers to transport your shipment, and deal with any mistreatment.

It takes a lot of stress off you, and it also avoids any extra fees that might come up.


Heavy Hauling Service

Heavy Hauling service is needed when a shipment is enormous and takes up a lot of space. However, this is often necessary when the equipment exceeds the legal limit.

You will need special permits to get this equipment from one place to another.

Heavy equipment moving is a process that has been around for a long time. It is a vital process in the logistics industry when looking for a company to transport your heavy equipment with care. You must research well and find a company you can trust.

Sterling Transportation has many years of experience in logistics and heavy haul shipping. They are experts in providing the best possible service to their clients.

They have a professional team who are always ready to assist you throughout the process.

The benefits of Sterling Transportation's heavy haul service are discussed below:

The Risk of Damage will be Less.

When you go with heavy hauling sterling transportation, you ensure that your freight is in safe hands. The company will provide the right equipment, so your belongings reach the final destination without any damage.

They will check the machines carefully when they are taken on and off the vehicle. Even they have the latest equipment and tools to move your heavy equipment.


It can be time-consuming to deal with the trailer while pickup and delivering on your own.

If something goes wrong while the truck is on the road, it can be challenging to fix it yourself.

You can hire Sterling Transportation Services to help you transport your trailer on time. You can even save your effort, time, and money. They will make sure that the delivery goes smoothly without any delays.

Competitive Rates

You need to be careful when you hire a shipping company. Some companies charge too much. You must make sure that you stay within your budget.

You can trust Sterling Transportation to provide you with the best services possible. They will work with you to find a plan that fits your needs and is pocket friendly too.

They want to ensure you get the most value for your money.


You should only use the best companies to transport and deliver your equipment, like Sterling Transportation.

You don't want your products or machines to be damaged. You cannot take risks with machinery, so you must ensure that all your equipment is checked, packed, and delivered safely.

Sterling Transportation company ensures that all your products are handed in the same condition as when they were picked up. They understand that your items are valuable.

It is why they take extra care in handling and transporting them.

They will Take Care of All the Paperwork

It can be very frustrating if you need to move heavy or oversized items. You must complete a lot of paperwork; even tiny mistakes can cause gruesome problems.

A heavy haul company like Sterling Transportation knows how to handle all the bureaucracy and ensure your load travels through proper channels without delay.

Careful Route Planning

Moving heavy loads can be a challenge. It is because you need to plan the route carefully. You must ensure that the load won't get stuck between the shipping.

Professional contractors know how to solve this problem without any trouble. Sterling Transportation has been in the business for years.

And this experience helps them a lot to provide the best possible service to their clients.


Efficiency Matters

Even though it can be more difficult, sometimes it is more cost-efficient to transport many goods at once.

It is because combining goods into a single load will save on some additional costs.

You can save some dollars by working with Sterling Transportation company.

Offers Expertise

Trucks are difficult to drive. Trucking companies hire professional truck drivers. They can safely transport and deliver your equipment.

Sterling Transportation does not compromise on drivers and only employs the best truck drivers to provide their customers with safety and the best experience.

Sterling Transportation Reviews Section

Read what some of the happy customers had to say about the services of Sterling Transportation:

Review 1:

"We rented a limo from Sterling for my wife's special day, and they were awesome! Our driver, Barry, was amiable and made every effort to help meet our needs and make the ride memorable. The car was very comfortable with plenty of room. The staff was cooperative, and they delivered on time as promised. Will use their service again!"

Review 2:

"I used Sterling for transportation on my wedding day. Since then, I have taken their services on multiple occasions. They are highly professional and punctual. Their cars are neat and clean, and the drivers are experienced. Highly recommended!"

What is Fuel Surcharge, and How Does It Affect Your Move?

A fuel surcharge is a set rate that lets shipping companies include the fuel cost in their speeds. Through this, shippers know how much their fuel will cost each month. It helps them decide on plans for the future.

This charge is for the price of gasoline used to transport the load. It can help reduce the amount of money the carrier has to pay.


There are various things which you have to think about while transporting your goods. It would help if you choose the suitable options to transport them, find a reputed transportation company, and think about other things that will make the process faster and cheaper.

In the United States, the trucking industry plays a significant role in the transportation of goods. There are two types of truck shipments:

  • FTL (Full Truckload)
  • LTL (Less than truckload)

Both shipping methods offer a high level of customer service. FTL is used for faster, more customized service, while LTL is slower but still provides many options for the customer. Let's discuss them in detail:

FTL (Full Truckload)

If you need to move a lot of stuff or a large shipment, a full truckload (FTL) shipping service is the best-known option. This way, your shipment takes up the whole truck in one go to your desired location.

If your shipment doesn't use up all the space on the truck, still customers prefer this to ensure the safety of their products.

LTL (Less than truckload)

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping is an excellent option if you have a smaller shipment that doesn't require an entire truck.

This type of shipping allows multiple loads on one truck, which is more efficient and can save you money. It is a way to use the truck's capacity more efficiently.

LTL shipping might be a better option if you have a smaller business. LTL is more affordable and has fewer requirements.


Type of Transportation Sterling Transportation Offers

Three main types of transportation that Sterling Transportation offers are mentioned below:

Air Transport

As the name suggests, air transport involves shipping goods via airplane. Air transport is speedy and prompt. This is, in fact, the fastest mode of transportation and is generally used for high-value shipments.

It can take products to the other side of the world in a few days. Air cargo has some disadvantages, like it tends to be more expensive than land or sea transport. But if you can afford it, there is nothing more efficient than this service.

Ocean Transport

Ocean freight is the most common way to transport goods around the world. Companies usually prefer ocean shipment when they transport high quantities of items or heavy loads.

Ocean freight forwarders know a lot about cargo and its laws and protocols. Ocean shipment is cost-effective when transporting goods internationally because it is cheaper than air forwarding.

However, they are also slower than other forms of transportation.

Land Transport

Land transport is the most common type of freight forwarding. However, it involves shipping goods via truck, train, or other land-based transportation.

Land transport is less expensive than air transport but takes longer. So, it is often used for large or heavy shipments. Road transport is the most popular type of land transportation.

It is fast and flexible, making it perfect for transportation.

Advantages of Hiring Sterling Transportation

You can get some advantages while hiring Sterling Transportation. Some of them are discussed below:

They will Pick Up and Deliver Your Items on Time- Punctuality Giants

Companies lose customers because they cannot meet customer needs promptly. If a package is lost when it is sent overseas, the client can't do much to get it back.

But Sterling transportation offers timely delivery of cargo. They have workers who are professional and trained for efficient handling.

They plan the transportation process and make sure everything goes smoothly. They take care of the delivery, so you don't have to worry about it. Sterling transportation can help your business run swiftly and make you more productive.

Your Items will be in Secure hands

Another benefit of hiring sterling transportation is that they offer security. You can ensure that your things are in safe hands even when you send them to different places.

Sterling transportation has the proper equipment, tools, and warehouse to store your loads with complete responsibility.

They make sure to take care of fragile pieces. Manual and digital documentation is used to make sure your stuff is safe. They offer a guarantee on it.

Efficient Tracking Systems

It takes a while for your products to get to their final destination. Companies worry about their merchandise getting lost during transport.

They will feel more confident about their shipment by choosing a company with an efficient tracking system. So, sterling transportation services offer an excellent tracking system.

This system helps you stay up to date with the location of your product and informs you when it has been delivered through a tracking system that is easy to use and will give you the information you need.

Top-Notch Warehousing Facilities

Sterling transportation is highly recommended to ship your goods in bulk. They ensure that your shipment reaches on time, even though they have a warehouse in case you need to store goods. If this happens, they will keep your inventory safe until delivered.


Guide You in Providing Accurate Documentation

Companies that are experienced in a particular field operate professionally. It can be a nightmare if a business owner sends something to a foreign country, and the transporter doesn't have the correct legal documents.

Different countries involved in the business transaction may have other laws and regulations. If you don't provide the company with all the information they need, or if the information you provide is incorrect, it can cause long delays in getting your items.

The company may even put your items on hold until they have all the necessary information.

Sterling transportation makes sure that all the paperwork is accurate. They also look after your documents and ensure that the cargo is delivered following legal procedures.

Affordable Rates

Sterling transportation services are not only affordable but also quite effective in terms of both time and money.

The team will ensure that your belongings are delivered to the desired destination within the given time frame, without any damage.

They know that everyone has a different budget for their move. Hence, they offer various services at various price points so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

You Enjoy a Great Customer Service

Sterling Transportation has pre-eminent customer service. The team helps you with all your queries from the beginning.

They pick up your load from the specified location and deliver it to the destination without delays. Even if you need any help, their customer service is always available to assist you.


When it comes to transportation services, people want convenience and affordability at the same time. Offering various payment options and providing easy online booking will help your business thrive in the competitive transportation industry.

Transportation services can benefit those who need to get from point A to point B without hassle.

Sterling Transportation is a perfect choice if you want a reliable transportation service. They provide top-of-the-line services at affordable rates.

While having many years of experience in this industry, they have the knowledge and expertise to get your item to the destination promptly and securely.

Their drivers are courteous and professional and always go the extra mile to ensure their customers have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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Joe Webster began his journey in the auto transport field by attending the University of Southern California (USC), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Marketing. 

After college, he started his career in the auto transport industry from the bottom up and has done virtually every job there is to do at A-1 Auto Transport, including but not limited to: Truck Driver, Dispatch, Sales, PR, Bookkeeping, Transport Planner, Transport Manager, International Transport Manager, Brokering, Customer Service, and Marketing. Working with his mentor Tony Taylor, Joe Webster has learned the ins and outs of this industry which is largely misunderstood. 

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we've been helping people ship their vehicles, motorcycles, RV's, heavy equipment, household goods and more across the country or overseas without a hitch. Ask us anything.

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We give A1 Auto Transport a big 10 out of 10! We chose them to move our car from California to Vermont, since we needed professionals.

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