Short Term Vehicle Transport to Canada

There are many people that want to make a permanent move to Canada and bring along their vehicle as well. Those making a long-term move can occasionally find themselves dealing with a complicated import process that can be expensive and long-winded. This isn’t a problem that short-term visitors must deal with though. If you qualify as a short-term visitor, you can easily move your vehicle into Canada without dealing with the same restrictions that long-term residents must contend with. This makes moving your vehicle more affordable and much quicker as well.

Relaxed Shipping Requirements

While there is a very thorough shipping process to move over vehicles to Canada for long-term use or for good, the same is not true for temporary or short-term vehicle use. When you just want to use your vehicle in Canada as a visitor, you don’t have to deal with all the additional requirements like you would otherwise. That means you won’t have to pay duty taxes, you won’t have to meet local operating and safety standards, and you can pretty much just enjoy your vehicle like you always do.


Short Term Vehicle Transport to Canada


Vehicles for Work or School

Generally, the short-term vehicle laws aren’t for long-term living situations, but if you are working in Canada or going to school there without being a resident of the country, your vehicle is still counted as a short-term vehicle even if you are there for years. That means that if you meet one of these two conditions you can move your vehicle to Canada without having to jump through all the hoops of a long-term resident.

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Hire a Company to Do the Work

Since vehicles going to Canada over the short-term are not taxed heavily or subject to a bunch of scrutiny, you can usually hire a transportation company to move your vehicle to Canada for a very reasonable rate if it’s going to be there for a limited time. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to move your vehicle over to Canada for the short term, just make sure that you get the full quote before hiring the company, and that they know exactly what they are doing so you don’t get stuck with a vehicle that can’t be used in Canada.

Having a vehicle in Canada over the short term is much more affordable than a long-term vehicle and it’s the perfect solution for someone that’s not staying in Canada forever. You can find many transport companies that will move your vehicle for you, or you can drive it into Canada yourself if you live in the United States.

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