Shipping My Car Overseas: A How-to Guide

Shipping a vehicle to another country can seem, at first glance, like a very complicated and confusing process, especially if you started your search online. It may seem like there are so many options out there, that it’s hard to separate the good from the bad. In this blog post, we’ll explain how to do that, as well as go into what to expect and plan for when shipping a vehicle to another country.

Your general consumer intuition is a good gauge of whether you feel good about a certain overseas auto shipper. Does their website offer an accurate reflection of the services they offer and their level of professionalism? If you’re unsure, you can always call them up and find out firsthand a company treats their customers.

Remember that you’re not only paying for an expensive service that involves multiple countries and sets of laws, but you’re also putting the trust of one your most precious (and likely, expensive) possessions. Don’t take this part of the process lightly! In spite of improved regulation and oversight, there are still some shady operations within the industry and they do take advantage of uninformed and unsuspecting customers.

For more information about shipping a car overseas, you can select the specific country and learn about the laws & regulations of each by visiting our international shipping page

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Planning & Expectations: Working With Overseas Car Shippers

In this section, we’ll break the basic steps of how to get a cost estimate, and what you need to do in order to be prepared for each step.

Gather Information – This includes basic things like where you’re having your car shipped, what timeframe is ideal, where it needs to be picked up from, and any other issues that need to be relayed to the shipper. Make sure to also have the make, model and year of your vehicle handy.

 Contact Companies – Now that you have put together all the information you need, you can contact companies and get a cost estimate. Price quotes and cost estimates should always be free! Do not work with or engage auto transport companies that charge for an estimate. Gather 3-5 estimates and consider each option in light of their service, cost, and professionalism.

Collect Documents – There are a couple of required documents you’ll need when having a car shipped overseas. Some items that are required include the following (it does vary slightly by country):

  • Car title certificate
  • Bill of sale *not always required
  • Current valid insurance coverage
  • Drivers license or photo ID
  • Power of attorney (if shipping on behalf of someone else)

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