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About 250 miles from Baghdad to the north, the Iraqi city of Mosul, is situated close to the Tigris River. It is located opposite of the ancient Assyrian City of Nineveh. This area continues to grow despite the fact it is part of the warzone in the country.

Because Iraq is not very stable, you may find it difficult to move to Mosul, but if you do move, you will feel safer in your own vehicle to ride around in. You can’t count on the availability of public transport while you are there. If you have your vehicle shipped over from the United States, you will need to be some requirements that you must meet. It doesn’t matter if you plan to stay here long term or if you are simply visiting due to work, you want to trust your importation process to A1 Auto Transport Service, a company with over twenty years of experience in assisting people just like you to transport.

Iraq is only allowed to import for expatriates, diplomatic reasons, or for work permits and visas. If you are touring this part of the country, you will not be allowed to bring your vehicle with you. You must also take into consideration the cost of importing, such as duties, customs levies of about 25% of your vehicle’s value, which Iraq Customs will determine. Diplomats will not need to pay as all taxes are waived.

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Shipping Documentation Needed.

It’s important that when you make the decision to import a vehicle to Iraq, you are prepared for lots of paperwork and proofs that will be needed before you begin. You will also need to pay all fees associated with importing. You will need to provide the following documents to the U.S. Port as well as at Iraqi Customs, where you will be picking up your vehicle.

  • Title to your vehicle.
  • Purchase invoice.
  • Bill of Lading.
  • Passport.
  • Driver’s license. 

If you are a diplomat, you will need the following documents in addition to the above list:

  • Tax exemption form.
  • Request letter so you can clear customs from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A copy of the diplomats passport.
  • Memo letter from NGO/Embassy.

Import procedures can be difficult as long as the country is unstable. You may see lots of delays that can make it difficult to get your car quickly or at least on time. You will need to use the services provided by A1 Auto Transport Service if you want someone who is able to understand the rules and regulations and can help keep things on track for you.

Shipping Method Options.

Since Iraq is land locked, you will need to make plans to import your vehicle to Kabul. You can also choose to import to Turkmenistan, Pakistan, or Iran as there are ports in all three of these countries too. The vehicle can be imported by way of river barge through Amu Darya.

You can choose to ship your vehicle by way of Roll On/ Roll Off method or container shipping method. If you choose Roll On/ Roll Off, the car is driven onto the ship in the U.S and driven off the ship once it reaches the port. If you choose this method, you can only have a jack, spare keys, and a tire in your vehicle.

If you choose container shipping, your vehicle will be placed inside a twenty foot or forty foot container. This will secure the vehicle from any conditions while in transit. All personal belongings can be shipped with your car. You may also choose air shipping directly to Kabul International Airport. This is a very expensive method of import and is rarely used because of the expense. To find out more about shipping to Iraq, you may want to contact the Embassy of Iraq.

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