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The Port of Plaquemines is a Louisiana fortune nestled at the mouth of the Mississippi River just about 20 miles south of the sprawling metropolitan city of New Orleans. Having been stationed in the Gulf of Mexico, the port of Plaquemines possesses a tactical advantage of navigating the Panama Canal and Latin American Ports with ease. It is situated perfectly to cater to the ever growing global markets. It’s a top-ranked exporter and importer of gas, grain, oil and automobiles, and as such, it has become a household name in the industry.


transporting automobiles to or from Port Of Plaquemines stress free for over 30 years


As the traffic in the port continues to grow, the more hurdles you are likely to endure. You’ll have it on good authority to look for a trusted car shipping company like A-1 Auto transport  to ease the burden. Here are a few more hacks on shipping cars to or from port of Plaquemines.

Choose the right time of year

Prices for auto transport companies often hit the fan during the Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) owing to the bevy of tourists that trickle into the neighboring city, New Orleans. Shipping cars to or from port of Plaquemines during this period will be very cumbersome given that most reputable companies will be at capacity.

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Find the right auto shipping company

You need to find an affordable shipping company that is not only safe but reliable as well. Keep in mind Louisiana is famous for its bayous and swamps, making it a tall order to ship a car here. Be sure that the shipping company you choose is well-equipped to deliver your automobile to the location agreed upon without a hitch. The best way to do so is to look at the online testimonials and reviews

Be well prepared for shipping

The paperwork required for shipping cars to or from Port of Plaquemines is very extensive and varies from one type of vehicle to another. Before setting sail, we at A-1 transport will enlighten you on what kind of documentation you need, depending on the vehicle you want to ship. The principal documents include; a legitimate driver’s license, proof of ownership, and vehicle identification number (VIN).

To pass the vehicle inspection, you ought to clean your car from top to bottom. Ascertain that your vehicle is in peak working condition and that it is safe before the vehicle inspection at the port. Any exterior add-ons that are not a prime component of the car should be detached and the alarm system switched off.

Shipping line and port charges

After your vehicle safely arrives at the port of Plaquemines, you will have to compensate the shipping line agents for handling your automobile at the dock. You also have to bear the standard cost for clearing your car with the border services and US customs.

Mode of shipment

You can opt for the cost-friendly Ro Ro whereby your car is  easily driven onto the ship without rendering the services of a crane. Or you can for the alternative technique that employs the use of sophisticated loading materials to carefully stock your vehicle in a container.

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