How To Ship Your Jordan

Cleveland’s Jordan motors were some of the world’s best cars in their time. Today, owning one of these, which were known for their innovative design and influence, is an enviable experience. A classic, though, is not a vehicle that can or should be driven on the open road for long distances. One should, therefore, look for a reputable car shipping company to transport the car home. Here are a few things to look for when looking to ship the Jordan home.

Before beginning the search, one must realize that classic car are unique, and as such require unique auto shipment conditions in themselves. So before that internet search for a car transport company, know what you are looking for. Ideally, one should go for a company with experience, reliability, capability and excellent service.


The car shipping industry is not as simple as one might think from the outside looking in. industry experts will tell you that maintaining a profitable long distance car company across many years takes a lot of work and commitment. Therefore, one of the surest ways to find the best in the business is to look for a company that has been in business consistently for several years.

Furthermore, one will be assured that the staff they meet will likely have handled many cases like theirs in the past, and know what it takes. Just to be sure, though, go for a company that specializes in the type of transport you require. There are many auto shipping companies that’s specialize in the shipping of boats, motorcycles or vintage automobiles. However, one should remember that they are likely to be more expensive than most.

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Even with years of experience under one’s belt, a truly reliable company must carry a strong reputation. Look up the company’s track record over the years from online reviews or from word of mouth to find out how they typically deal with complaints and how they conduct their business. Online sites like the Better Business Bureau might be helpful in this respect.

Whether domestic and international, every company is required to be registered with transport and shipping authorities. Find out whether this company is registered and properly insured. It might also be helpful to find out whether the company is registered with any professional organizations in the automobile shipping industry. Professional organizations hold their members to higher standards than the rest of the industry.


Anyone can advertise the fact that they are able to offer good service to their clients. However, only a truly reputable car shipping company will offer exactly what they say. With this in mind, make sure your company is capable of what it says on the website. If you are looking to ship to or from overseas locations, make sure they have what it takes to ship internationally. Choose a company that has their own equipment, and not one that will lease out the job further.


The overall quality of the experience will depend greatly on the support service the company provides. Choose a company with an excellent customer service record.

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