Information on Shipping a Car to Namibia Using RO/RO Transport

There are several safeguarded shipping methods that you’ll have to choose from when you’re searching for the right overseas transporter.

To ship your car to Namibia using the cheapest method, you’ll want to consider open air shipping services. Luckily, this method is cost efficient and safe. Call the Embassy of Namibia to see if their seaports allow open air transport from the U.S.

RO/RO transport is a form of open air shipping service that costs much less than other options. This method is recommended to dealerships when they must deliver many vehicles together. It is also good for anyone shipping their car a short distance over water. This service isn’t limited to anyone. It is perhaps the most popular way to ship a car to Namibia despite the lack of shelter it provides to the vehicles as they’re en route from the U.S.

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Get the Car Ready Transport Properly to Keep It Safer

You must have the car prepared exactly as stated by the transport company. When you prepare the vehicle according to the standards of the transporter, less risk is involved in the process of international delivery. It even keeps the employees safer as they care for the vehicles on the ship.

  • Remove anything in the car. A car jack, spare tire and floor mats are the only items permitted in the automobile during an open air transport. Clean out the inside of the vehicle after all items are removed.
  • Wash the exterior of the car. No dirt or grime should exist after you’re finished. You want the vehicle to be in its best condition.
  • Take a look at the fluids. Top off anything low except the fuel. Leave the gas tank at ¼ full or less. Fill the tires with air if needed.
  • Take pictures of the car after it’s been cleaned. If you know of any damages, make note of them. This information is to be used as a reference during the final inspection of your car. After the car ships to Namibia and arrives at port, inspect it for damages caused by the transport.


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