How to Transport Your Convertible Car

No matter what type of convertible car you have, transporting it with an auto shipping company means that you should be aware of some special requirements. Convertibles are much more fragile than regular cars, which is something to be aware of when deciding to transport one. This is especially true if you own a soft top convertible, as opposed to a hard top convertible. The reason is that, even if the top is placed on it, its softer material means that it can get punctured or damaged in some other way.

This is no reason to worry though. If you follow the following guidelines, you’ll be more than okay, with your convertible arriving at its final destination without any damage at all.

Don’t Ship It With the Top Down

Obviously, you won’t be able to do anything about this if it has no top. However, if it has one, never ship it with the top down. No matter at what stage of the transportation it’s in or the environment, it needs to have its top up, even if it’s in the middle of the summer with no chance of rain occurring. The main reason is because the inside of the convertible will be extremely susceptible to damage if it encounters the elements, even if it’s just from the dust.

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Check Out External Cover Options

If your convertible has a soft top, it is possible to get an external cover for it, which the shipping transport company may or may not be able to prove you with. The external cover can provide you an extra layer of protection that the soft top can’t, resulting in the chances of it being damaged becoming significantly less.

If Possible, Go With Enclosed Transport Instead of Open Transport

This one should be obvious, but really, even if it’s more expensive, go with the enclosed transport shipping option, since it’s considerably safer. With enclosed transport, your convertible will be protected from all of the damaging elements, including the sun.

If you have no choice but to go with open transport, make sure that the auto transport company knows to make sure that it’s placed on the top ramp of the open truck bed.

Cover the Interior With a Protective Cloth

You really should cover the interior with a protective cloth, as that will also add an extra layer of protection. If your convertible has no top at all, then this is a must.

Keep the Windows Up

This should come across as a no-brainer, but some people forget to make sure to check if the windows are FULLY up or not. This should be done even if the enclosed trailer option is chosen.

A-1 Auto Transport recommends the enclosed trailer option and are experts at ensuring that your convertible is transported with the utmost in safety precautions taken. Remember to always consult with the transport company to ask them what their recommendations are. It’s not every day that you see a convertible, so make sure that it’s always safe!

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