How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)?

Cost of Shipping an SUV

An important consideration in assessing prices for shipping an SUV is to remember that prices will vary. Even if the difference is slight, each company you contact will likely give you a different price. While it’s always great to get the best price available, you should be cautious in taking this approach with an auto shipper.

There are, unfortunately, some unscrupulous companies out there that will offer anything they can to get your business, only to tack on extra fees to make up the losses from an unrealistic original price. Just like any other product or service, you get what you pay for.

Cost to ship a sports utility vehicle (SUV)

One way you can protect yourself against these less-than-stellar shipping options is to do some basic research on the companies before signing a contract or agreeing to services. The best available resource for doing this is the FMCSA Company Snapshot feature, which includes information about safety rating, insurance coverage, operating authority and much more.

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While we’re mostly talking about shipping an SUV in the United States here, the same information holds for shipping to an overseas location or outside of the continental U.S. The methods and process are slightly different, but you still need to do some basic research on companies, compare prices and services, and make sure you’ve got a good understanding of what’s involved.

Overseas shipping costs, like shipping an SUV in the U.S., are largely dictated by the distance. With international shipments, there’s also the added costs of import taxes and registration fees.

SUV Shipping Prices & Transport Services

When you hire an auto transport company to ship your SUV, they should provide thorough answers to your questions and handle the full process from point to point. Insurance is included the price you pay and, if needed, you can also book temporary storage if necessary.

To give you a more precise idea of the cost of shipping an SUV between two points in the U.S., here are some recent prices we’ve quoted customers. We encourage readers to contact us if you’d like a current cost estimate to consider that is tailored to your specific request.

SUV Shipping Prices

  • Chicago, IL to San Diego, CA – $1,115
  • Dallas, TX to Seattle, WA – $1,124
  • Las Vegas, NV to Atlanta, GA – $947
  • Indianapolis, IN to Denver, CO – $770
  • Nashville, TX to Portland, OR – $1,203
  • Minneapolis, MN to Jacksonville, FL – $809
  • Pittsburgh, PA to Salt Lake City, UT – $1,075
  • Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA – $1,481


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