How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car State-To-State?

State-To-State Car Shipping: Cost

The cost of shipping a car from one state to another depends on a number of factors. Distance being one of the most important: it will cost more to ship a car from California to New York than it will to ship a car from Texas to Colorado.

Cost to ship a car state-to-state

By the same token, the type of service you require has an affect, as does the type of car you’re shipping.

  • Distance – Car shipping distance can range pretty broadly; anywhere from 100 miles or less to more than 2,500 miles. For shorter shipments, the costs are—speaking generally here—can exceed $1 per mile, while longer trips can be priced closer to 50 cents per mile. These numbers reflect the price for an open air carrier delivering a standard car, while specialty services and nonstandard vehicles cost more (see below).
  • Service – The basic way to ship a car between states is using an open air carrier that hauls multiple vehicles and delivers them to a shipping terminal near the destination. Other services, such as door-to-door car shipping, are available, but they come with an added cost. The same is true of enclosed transport, which is generally done on a smaller truck and keeps the car covered on all sides during shipment.
  • Vehicle Type – If there is anything nonstandard about the size or dimensions of your car, it may require special handling. This mostly applies to oversize vehicles and modified or custom cars, but it can come into play for some sports cars as well. Along the same lines, if you have a rare, vintage, or otherwise high-value car, it’s a good idea to choose to enclosed transport service mentioned above.

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Car Shipping Price Estimates From One State To Another

To offer a more definitive idea of how much it costs to ship a car state to state, we’ve compiled some recent shipping rates. Bear in mind that these also represent standard shipment on an open carrier so the price will be slightly higher for enclosed transport, door-to-door, or other specialty services.

State-to-state Car Shipping Costs

  • Portland, OR to Denver, CO – $834
  • San Jose, CA to Dallas, TX – $877
  • Charlotte, NC to Detroit, MI – $544
  • Boston, MA to Chicago, IL – $702
  • New York, NY to St. Louis, MO – $697
  • Pittsburgh, PA to Omaha, NE – $685
  • Minneapolis, MN to Phoenix, AZ – $910
  • Las Vegas, NV to Atlanta, GA – $942
  • Salt Lake City, UT to Miami, FL – $1,176

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