How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Mercedes?

Cost of Shipping a Mercedes.

The process of shipping a high-end vehicle like a Mercedes is really no different from it is for other types of cars. The one key difference may be in what specific services you choose since Mercedes owners tend to want the extra level of protection and convenience when available. Here are the two main options you’ll have to decide on before getting an estimate.

Enclosed Carriers.

Just like any type of high-performance or luxury car, a Mercedes often needs special attention when being transporting. One way to do this is through the use of an enclosed carrier. Just as the name implies, an enclosed carrier keeps the car covered and protected throughout the process of shipping.

Cost to ship a Mercedes

Using an enclosed carrier will generally cost slightly more than the alternative: shipping your car on an open air carrier. These types of carriers haul more cars and do not keep them covered during the delivery process. An open air carrier is the more common type of car transport truck, but owners of high-end vehicles such as a Mercedes often choose the more secure option.

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Door-to-Door Transport.

One advantage of using an enclosed carrier to ship your Mercedes is that it allows for door-to-door transport. Since the carriers move fewer cars at once, the trucks are smaller, which in turn makes it easier to ship to a specific address. Some of the full-sized open carriers are too large to operate on some city streets.

When you choose an enclosed carrier, your car is picked up from and dropped off at the specific locations you choose. This service costs slightly more than standard shipping, but offers the ultimate in convenience for you and protection for your vehicle.

Mercedes Shipping Cost In The United States.

Now that we’ve covered the basic options you’ll have when shipping a Mercedes, let’s look at some actual prices from recent shipments. It should be noted that these prices reflect an enclosed carrier, but not door-to-door shipment, which would cost slightly more. As always, we’re happy to give estimates to all interested parties based on the specifics of their needs.

Mercedes Shipping Prices

  • Los Angeles to Atlanta, GA – $1,112
  • Las Vegas to Cincinnati, OH – $1,175
  • Richmond, VA to Denver, CO – $1,045
  • Portland, ME to Dallas, TX – $1,083
  • San Jose, CA to Detroit, MI – $1,162
  • Seattle, WA to Kansas City, MS – $1,005
  • Boston, MA to Salt Lake City, UT – $1,324
  • Albany, NY to Milwaukee, WI – $728


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