How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Quad?

There are many things can affect the cost of shipping a four wheeler ATV: distance, any special additions or customizations, where it’s being shipped (terminal or door), how much it weighs, and whether or not it runs. There may also be some price variance based on the time of year and cost of gas. With this many factors and variables, you’re likely to get a slightly different price estimate from every company you speak with, though they should be in the same general price range. (This is why it’s advisable to get a price quote from a few different vehicle shippers before committing to one.)

To give you a general idea of what to expect, here are some sample price quotes for shipping a quad to and from different major metropolitan areas in the U.S. Remember that these numbers represent rough estimates based on recent deliveries we’ve made to these locations and that the actual price will vary depending on the factors mentioned above, type of services requested, and any extras like short-term storage or supplemental insurance.

Transporting A Quad – Recent Price Quotes From A-1 Auto Transport

  • Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY – $775
  • Chicago, IL to Seattle, WA – $625
  • Dallas, TX to Pittsburgh, PA – $465
  • San Francisco, CA to Minneapolis – $620
  • Denver, CO to Miami, FL – $605
  • Columbus, OH to Phoenix, AZ – $583
  • Boston, MA to Las Vegas, NV – $734

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What Is Included In the Cost of Transporting A Quad?

Whether you’re shipping a quad or another type of ATV, you should be familiar with what’s included in the shipping cost. As mentioned above, the distance is a big factor in determining the cost since longer trips mean using more fuel. Some companies may tack on additional “fuel surcharge” in some instances, so it’s a good topic to bring up early on when evaluating companies that move ATVs. Generally speaking, the gas used by the driver moving your quad should be included in the cost estimate you receive from the company, as should the cost of labor.

Insurance is also included the price quote you receive, but it will usually only cover damages directly caused by the auto carrier. Your standard vehicle insurance is responsible for other damages, so it’s important to check with your insurance carrier if you have any concerns about your level of coverage. Most shippers offer a supplemental insurance plan that can be purchased at an affordable cost if you feel that the basic coverage is not enough. When shipping an ATV or quad, buying additional insurance is not usually needed.

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