How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Rwanda?

There is no better way to explore your new surroundings in a foreign land, than with your own personal vehicle. Fortunately, it’s possible to have your car imported from the U.S.

However, by contacting the Embassy of Rwanda, you can learn about the latest import restrictions and duty rates before booking with the transporter.

The cost of shipping services is separate from the duties owed to the country for import. Shipping services are not only cost effective, but they are affordable. Most transport companies give their customer’s insurance coverage and tracking services free of charge, saving them even more money. Shipping customers may even qualify for discounts or promotions.

Pay the duties and tariffs before the transport is carried out. Show proof of payment to Customs along with the other requested documents. As long as you have everything and the car meets the country’s restrictions, you will receive a certificate of approval giving consent to ship your car to Rwanda and giving it permission to cross the border into the country.

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What Might Affect the Cost of Shipping Services?

There are many things that must be considered before an accurate quote can be given out. Without providing a transporter with the proper information, receiving a quote would be pointless. There are certain things they must know before they can determine the cost of the shipping process.

  • The make and model of the vehicle.
  • The age and current condition of the car.
  • The distance in which the vehicle must travel.
  • All import taxes must be paid although this won’t be on your bill from the transport company.
  • The shipping method you choose to have the car transported through- Container shipping methods are more expensive than RO/RO methods.
  • The time of year that you are having the vehicle transported.


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