How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Gambia through a Shipping Company?

Never try to find another way to ship a car other than through professionals. The greatest way to ship a car to Gambia from the states is through an international transporter with an outstanding reputation among its past clients.

You will certainly find the right one for your car’s transport by looking online for shipping companies. Find all the international transporters near your home and narrow the options as you look over their websites and read the reviews.

Subsequent to booking the vehicle’s shipping process, call the Embassy of Gambia. They will help you understand the regulations associated with the current import policy. The accurate tax and duty rates are something else you should ask them about. You can get the taxes paid off early so proof they were paid can go to Customs with the rest of the recommended documents. Customs authorizes import approval to those that bring in all of the documents listed in the import policy. The car needs to meet the specifications also mentioned in the policy.


Documentation Needed for Import Approval.

  • Original Shipping Invoice.
  • Inventory List (when other items are shipped).
  • Insurance Proof.
  • Original Sale Invoice for Car.
  • Proof of Paid Taxes.

Import Taxes and Duties for Cars.

  • Government Sales Tax.
  • Customs Processing Fees.
  • ECOWAS Tax.
  • Import Duty.

Other taxes and duties may apply to your car’s import. Everything is reliant on the vehicle type and the country’s percentage rates at the time of the transport. Just make sure to give yourself plenty of time to come up with the money for the taxes. They must be paid to gain import approval.

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