How To Ship Your Crowther

One of the best to ever come out of New Zealand, Hamilton Walker was a farmer, engineer, and inventor. Perhaps his greatest contribution, though, was giving the world the Crowther.

Shipping home such a classic, after traveling a long distance to buy it, can be a tedious experience. With a reliable car company, though, the process can be made that much easier.

Step one

The first step when searching for a reliable company is to make a list of possible companies to use. One can get this from many potential sources. A random search online will reveal numerous suggestions. Asking around at work or among friends might also be a useful source of information. However, this initial search very often returns many companies. Many might think this unnecessary, but it is important to have more than just one option when searching.

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Step two

Do not simply settle for the first company you find. It is always advisable to shop around. Select at least three companies and make comparisons. Compare them based on their different price offerings and the service packages they have. Experts advise that comparisons like this are likely to save the customer up to 50 percent.

Step three

Even with the list narrowed down to three, one must still be sure that the company they choose to ship their vehicle is the most reliable. When the search is done online, it is one thing for a company to promise quality on their website, and another for them to actually deliver on the promise. Anyone can say anything online, but only the companies with a stellar reputation can be trusted. The first thing to look for is the company registration. Go to the department of transport website and check whether it has been registered in the area it operates.

Another clever technique when checking reputations is to look up the company on online review forums. Websites like the better business bureau can be very helpful in providing helpful information regarding the reputations of companies. The better business bureau has information going back as far as three years. Opinions from friends and family might also be useful at this stage. Find acquaintances who have had their cars shipped before, and ask from them important questions about the process like how much does it cost? What were their experiences? Are there any companies they would recommend for you to avoid?

Step four

At this stage, one will likely have a clear picture of whom they want to go with. However, if still unsure, maybe it is time to make contact with the companies. Make a call to their offices, make a personal visit or make inquiries via email. The result of this interaction will give a clear, first-hand indication of just how reliable the company is. Look at the following aspects of their service;

  • How they treat first-time customers
  • The nature of the information they give
  • The speed and timeliness of the feedback
  • The general customer experience.

It might not be as straightforward as described, but following these steps will likely land you the best shipping option much faster.

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