City To City Car Transportation Costs: What To Know

The main factor that goes into the cost of moving a car from once city to another is the distance between the two cities. As an example, it costs much less to ship a vehicle from Los Angeles, CA To Dallas, Texas than it would ship a vehicle from San Diego, CA to Miami, FL. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise—greater distance comes with a greater cost in any corner of the shipping world.

The second major factor is the type of car. Larger, heavier vehicles will cost more to ship because the cargo weight adds up to higher fuel costs. Any sort of specialty services would carry an additional charge as well. This would include things like moving a car that is inoperable or non running, moving an oversized vehicle, or shipping a car directly to a specific location (known as door-to-door auto transport).



The cheapest way to ship a car between two cities is to have it picked up and delivered to and from a shipping terminal. What this means is that you drop off the vehicle at a nearby terminal, along with other people having their cars shipped, and they are loaded onto the truck from there. Once delivered, the process works the same in reverse as you retrieve the vehicle from the terminal it is dropped off at. The other option, enclosed car shipping, is typically only used for high value, classic, or luxury autos.

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Actual Costs For Shipping A Car From City To City

You can (and should) compare costs since they will vary by company, time of year, and any other number of factors. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some recent prices from shipments to and from different cities around the U.S.

  • Phoenix, AZ to Denver, CO – $806
  • Albany, NY to Columbus, OH – $1,131
  • Des Moines, IA to San Antonio, TX – $798
  • San Jose, CA to Nashville, TN – $1,205
  • Salt Lake City, UT to Boston, MA – $1,122
  • San Diego, CA to Philadelphia, PA – $1,195
  • Durham, NC to Portland, OR – $1,378
  • Jacksonville, FL to Boise, ID – $1,335
  • Chicago, IL to Las Vegas, NV – $992

One thing you’ll want to keep in the back of your mind as your assessing shippers and getting cost estimates is where they have offices. Do they just have one main office located in another state? Do they maintain offices in other areas they work, including where you’re shipping to and from? This can be tremendously helpful if any complications arise, as you’ll have a local office you can visit to resolve things.

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