Choosing A Port For International Shipping: Close To Home or Cost Effective?

How to Choose A Port For International Shipping

There are so many questions to be answered when determining auto transport needs. From choosing the right company for your needs to assessing cost and process, the questions may initially seem endless. However, with each answer falls in place an auto transport process that ensures the vehicle ends up where it needs to be and the customer content. Choosing a port is part of this process, particularly for those shipping their vehicles internationally. This method of shipping must be done, at least partially, via boat. Customers have many options from which to choose, including whether the vehicle will be stored in a shared container or in its own area (the former of which is more budget-friendly). Choosing a port from which to pick up the vehicle presents with two options: close to home convenience or cost effectiveness.



The auto transport company of your choosing can recommend a range of options, often recommending the one with which they work with most often. There can be benefits to going with your transport company’s recommendation since they likely have the inside track to the nuances of this port, which means a smoother transport option. However, some customers prefer to make the decision based on factors of cost or location.

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Choosing a port for international shipping based on location has its benefits. The ability to receive the car close to home or the final destination is essential for those with time constrictions. For example, if someone is shipping a vehicle overseas for business purposes and needs to be mobile as soon as possible, then choosing the nearest port is the best option. For those purchasing vehicles internationally and then having them shipped, the excitement of receiving the new vehicle may well negate any issues of cost in choosing the nearest port to home.

However, given the costs associated with auto shipping internationally, the more budget-friendly option may be best for those that don’t want to drain their wallets. Because of the size, resources and location of some ports, shipping costs may vary and be lower in certain areas. If shipping into a port with a more cost-effective option helps not to break the bank, then it might be worth taking the drive to pick up the vehicle even if this means it is further from home. In fact, those that have shipped a vehicle back home from an overseas destination might want to take it out on the open road before parking it in the driveway.

Making this decision is a matter of personal preference; the entire shipping process should be considered when making it. For example, if the cost has already been much higher than anticipated, then it is well worth it to inquire to the auto shipping company about a cheaper port of entry for the vehicle that could bring the cost down. Depending on the logistics, there may be no less expensive option but it is always worth the research. The same is applicable for those that just want to get the car where it’s going, coming in at a port that makes it convenient to drive off shortly after arrival.

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